Tom Felton’s TV series ‘Murder in the First’ now available on DVD in Europe – Australia coming soon

Tom Felton’s TV series Murder in the First, in which Tom played the character of Erich Blunt, is now available to buy on DVD in a number of European countries.
The DVD was released in Spain, but it is available as an import in several countries on Amazon.

  • Language: English, German, French, Spanish
  • Subtitles: French, Spanish, English, German
  • Region: Region 2

Special Features:
The Making of a Crime Drama with Steven Bochco and Eric Lodal /
Murder is Only the Beginning / Behind the Scenes

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The DVD can be ordered via Amazon in Spain ( 42 € – current price 29.39 €),
UK (£ 45.99) , Germany (55.99 €) and France (49.99 €)

The DVD is also available in Australia very soon (Region 4) – release date for Australia : 2nd December 2015 !

You can pre-order the DVD here on ($ 39.95)


You can also buy the DVD (Region 1) of Murder in the First in the
U.S. ($ 39.98 – current price $ 19.84)
Canada (CDN$ 46.99 – current price CDN$ 34.88)

New Outtakes of Tom Felton from his photoshoot by Richard Grassie in 2011

Do you remember Tom’s photoshoot from 2011 by Richard Grassie ?
Some of the photos were used for Tom’s interview with the Daily Mail.
(we reported here)
Two outtakes were published later in the year. (Photos in our gallery.)

Now we have more outtakes from the photoshoot by Richard Grassie.
Thanks to celebspix for uploading the wonderful photos of Tom.

tumblr_nv82lpyJJt1tze731o3_400 tumblr_nv82lpyJJt1tze731o4_400 tumblr_nv82lpyJJt1tze731o1_400 tumblr_nv82lpyJJt1tze731o2_400 tumblr_nvagbfzp441tze731o2_400 tumblr_nvagbfzp441tze731o3_400 tumblr_nvagbfzp441tze731o1_400 tumblr_nvagbfzp441tze731o4_400

photo credit : Richard Grassie
source : celebspix 1 & celebspix 2

U P D A T E :

tumblr_nvcgs7XtBG1tze731o3_400 tumblr_nvcgs7XtBG1tze731o4_400 tumblr_nvcgs7XtBG1tze731o1_400 tumblr_nvcgs7XtBG1tze731o2_400

photo credit : Richard Grassie
source : celebspix 3

Happy 28th Birthday, Tom Felton!

We here at Feltbeats are delighted to wish Tom a most joyous and delightful 28th birthday today!


To celebrate this wonderful day, this year many Felton Fans submitted their Random Acts of Felton, which included volunteer work and donations to causes, along with random acts of kindness in Tom’s name. You can read all the submissions over on our Tumblr!

Many of Tom’s friends have already posted their birthday wishes via Twitter this morning, including Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, Jason Isaacs and Paul Hodge, who included a short video featuring Tom today:

Have a wonderful day, Tom, from all of us here at Feltbeats!

Photos of Tom Felton at a screening of his upcoming movie ‘Risen’ & at the press junket

Yesterday was a special screening of Tom’s upcoming movie Risen at Sony Pictures Studios in LA.

COgxYt9UEAA0gIX COgMVsgWUAQnpxK COkEvHUVEAAK2hV 11909188_772537376189312_1182295344_n11809996_1069999149691933_1044010598_nHere are some reviews:

Jenni Catron
Had the privilege of being a part of an early screening of #risenmovie
Incredibly well done with an exceptional cast! Joseph Fiennes and Tom Felton were fantastic, both onscreen & in person.

Huge honor to hear firsthand from Joseph Fiennes & today about movie! Both so talented!

… let me tell you, is the real deal. Fun night – was great!!!


well-acted, understated, and beautiful.


Today was at the InterContinental Los Angeles Century City the Press Junket for Risen :

@LisaHendey: The morning I sat & chatted w/ Draco Malfoy & Shakespeare. Tom Felton & Joseph Fiennes are so talented & humble!
11950549_871173776298538_295761105_n @IamBritCal: I hosted interviews with Tom Felton and Joseph Fiennes this morning for their new movie, Risen. Go see it when it releases in January! #RisenMovie #MediaJunket #TomFelton #JosephFiennes #DracoMalfoy #HarryPotter
11848934_529270583891022_475539884_n: Selfie fun w actor Super talented & kind!COkIRpqVAAA7SuiStay tuned for more !

The bible movie will be released in US theaters on Friday, January 22, 2016
(we reported here and here)

other release dates (source IMDb):
Germany: 17th March 2016 / UK: 18th March 2016 / Sweden: 25th March 2016 / Netherlands: 5th May 2016

Watch  h e r e  the first trailer and h e r e the second trailer !

Risen – official facebook page

Risen – official twitter page

Photos of Tom Felton at Fan Expo Canada – 3rd day + Hogwarts Reunion Video

Due to a change in his filming schedule, Tom could also attend Fan Expo Canada on Sunday.

Here are some pics:

11850024_1641490236136422_1367296416_n COPd5luWUAAbDftA highlight was when Tom went over to Tyler Hoechlin’s table and they hugged.

COQA8pzWcAAuv3lCOO9QDmUwAQSEUq 11326133_959556710733629_653282317_n11856642_429103857289868_1296727390_n

More photos in our gallery. Thanks to all for the photos!

Another highlight on Saturday was the Hogwarts Reunion Panel. Below you can watch a 19 minutes video of it:

U P D A T E : Full Hogwarts Reunion Panel :

Part 1/2

Part 2/2

Photos of Tom Felton at Fan Expo Canada – 2nd day

Yesterday we reported here about Tom’s first day at Fan Expo Canada.

I M P O R T A N T :
Due to a change in his filming schedule, Tom WILL be attending FAN EXPO CANADA from 11-3 on Sunday !

Here are photos of him at his second day (incl. Rupert Grint and James & Oliver Phelps) :

: Fangirling my little heart out right now! 😉

COLffTRWgAAgV3C: My two daughters must be eating their hearts out….

COLOD_bWgAALuHp COLAXCVVEAEk8fq tumblr_nu8fo9xfBN1rqwvw6o4_1280 COKo3pSVAAAgnfC  11893902_10153190603703937_1445778538926899359_o 11935681_10153190603663937_5986311857345738503_oCOLfW00UAAE9DhrMore photos in our gallery. Thanks to all for the photos!

BTW, our friends from SnitchSeeker will upload later the full “Hogwarts Reunion” Panel. :)