Photos: Tom Felton went back home – Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

Today, Tom visited the Warner Bros. Studio Tour – The Making of Harry Potter.

He tweeted: Home sweet home x #hogwarts aka #leavesden


And then he had a little conversation with Matthew Lewis aka Neville Longbottom because of this photo:


Tom: Saw some familiar faces today. Any guesses who? House points will be awarded x

Matt: You mugging me off pal?

Tom: piss off longbottom x #bants

Matt: You’re going the right way about a knuckle supper, sunshine! #dracodontevenlift

And we have more photos of Tom :

tumblr_ngwfd3CBAG1rmnh4jo1_1280 tumblr_ngwfd3CBAG1rmnh4jo2_1280

Some fans had the chance to take a picture with Tom:

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Thanks to dontdwellindreams, BillySophia, EmyMadisonIzzie, Iris, Molly, Jenni and missbonnierolfe for the photos!

Tom Felton as “The Joker” at MCM Birmingham Comic Con

Yesterday, Tom Felton was at the MCM Birmingham Comic Con. Unfortunately, there was no autograph and photo session with him, because he was there for his documentary “Tom Felton: Meet the Fanatics” for BBC Three. But the fans had the chance to see him at his panel.

BTW, Tom walked around disguised as “The Joker”. ;) B3FJg9gIAAEZ4KXB3FJfw9IcAAtmUU B3FJg0cIAAAUmHd B3FJg53IAAEux7n

Thanks to @WeasleyRiddle  for the “Joker” pics! :)

Tom during his panel :

B3EfwSlIEAAD4Fj.jpg largeB3EPgaPCAAIgRL6.jpg large  10802476_366996860140321_590626233_ntumblr_nfhjodRh3X1rsipnto1_128010382458_372544732905721_4073549612702961633_n

More photos in our gallery.

We also have some videos for you. :)

Ein von @englandevents gepostetes Video am

Thanks to all for the pics and videos! :)

Tom Felton announced for Salt Lake Comic Con FanX January 30-31

Tom has confirmed to us that he will be attending Salt Lake Comic Con FanX in January of next year.


According to their website, SLCC says that Tom is scheduled for photo opportunities on Friday and Saturday only.

You can purchase either a Multipass, Gold, or VIP ticket to the convention. They are currently on sale on their site for the month of November. Prices start at US$30 for an adult, and VIP tickets are currently selling for US$125. Tickets to the last two SLCCs were SOLD OUT. So we recommend you  buy your tickets early!



Salt Lake Comic Con and Salt Lake Comic Con FanX are Dan Farr Productions events and are now the most attended conventions in the state of Utah and the largest comic cons in North America per capita.

Dan Farr Productions was co-founded by Dan Farr and Bryan Brandenburg and is an event and marketing group devoted to organizing events, launching and acquiring new shows, and partnering with premium celebrities and brands in the pop culture arena. Dan Farr Productions is dedicated to producing spectacular celebrations of popular culture that lead the market in providing exceptional and rewarding experiences for our consumers, fans, celebrity guests, vendors and partners.

Official Trailer of “Against the Sun” with Tom Felton, Garret Dillahunt & Jake Abel

Trailers Apple has released the first official trailer of Tom’s upcoming WWII film Against the Sun.

Against the Sun will be available in select theatres in the U.S. and on Cable On Demand, iTunes, Amazon Instant, Xbox, and PlayStation on 23rd January 2015. (we reported here)

Click h e r e for the trailer on the site of Trailers Apple or watch below – Film Festivals and Indie Films uploaded the trailer to YouTube :

some screenshots :

Against_The_Sun_Official_Trailer_1_2015_-_Tom_Felton_Movie_HD 0460 Against_The_Sun_Official_Trailer_1_2015_-_Tom_Felton_Movie_HD 0566 Against_The_Sun_Official_Trailer_1_2015_-_Tom_Felton_Movie_HD 0712 Against_The_Sun_Official_Trailer_1_2015_-_Tom_Felton_Movie_HD 0770 Against_The_Sun_Official_Trailer_1_2015_-_Tom_Felton_Movie_HD 0786 Against_The_Sun_Official_Trailer_1_2015_-_Tom_Felton_Movie_HD 0813 Against_The_Sun_Official_Trailer_1_2015_-_Tom_Felton_Movie_HD 0909 Against_The_Sun_Official_Trailer_1_2015_-_Tom_Felton_Movie_HD 1039 Against_The_Sun_Official_Trailer_1_2015_-_Tom_Felton_Movie_HD 1508 Against_The_Sun_Official_Trailer_1_2015_-_Tom_Felton_Movie_HD 2034 Against_The_Sun_Official_Trailer_1_2015_-_Tom_Felton_Movie_HD 2110 Against_The_Sun_Official_Trailer_1_2015_-_Tom_Felton_Movie_HD 2348 Against_The_Sun_Official_Trailer_1_2015_-_Tom_Felton_Movie_HD 2373 Against_The_Sun_Official_Trailer_1_2015_-_Tom_Felton_Movie_HD 2488 Against_The_Sun_Official_Trailer_1_2015_-_Tom_Felton_Movie_HD 2504 Against_The_Sun_Official_Trailer_1_2015_-_Tom_Felton_Movie_HD 2518 Against_The_Sun_Official_Trailer_1_2015_-_Tom_Felton_Movie_HD 2625

More screenshots in our gallery.

Against the Sun – official site of The American Film Company

Against the Sun – official facebook page

Against the Sun – official twitter page

Tom Felton confirms appearance at “Inside the Show – Harry Potter” meet and greet in Brazil next year

Tom has confirmed to Feltbeats today that he will attend the M2 event Inside the Show – Harry Potter in Brazil next year.


The event will run on the 7th and 8th of March, 2014.

At the event, people will be able to talk to Tom, ask questions, take pictures and get autographs. Tickets, which include a photo, autograph and entry to the general Q&A will be R $549.00 (approximately $215 US) and are on sale now. There are a limited amount of tickets, and they can be purchased in up to 12 installments.

General admission to the Q&A starts at R $161.95 ($63 US), and for those interested in 25 minutes with a small group of fans, the cost for that is R $863.89 ($337 US), which also includes a photo, autograph and admission to the Q&A.

“Inside the show” is a event for fans and created to be a intimate format. The event bring talents from movies and series to offer for the fans a special moment, where they can have pictures with idols, autographs and know a little bit more about what they love.

“Inside the Show” is different than conventions because our philosophy is think about how important this moment is for the public and we work hard to make dreams come true.

Feltbeats will try and keep you as updated as possible, and you can also check out the Facebook and Twitter pages for immediate updates!