New Photos of Tom Felton’s Character + How ‘The Flash’ will handle ‘Harry Potter’ jokes

Entertainment Weekly has released an exclusive first official look at Tom Felton’s debut in the TV series The Flash. In the article below, EW also reports how ‘The Flash’ will handle ‘Harry Potter’ jokes.

Tom Felton is coming to The Flash — and EW has an exclusive first look at his debut.

With Tom Felton joining The Flash in season 3, one burning question remains unanswered: How will The CW’s super series now handle Harry Potter jokes? The Flash — particularly when it comes to the Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes) character — has always been ripe with pop culture references, Harry Potter being no exception. But now that Felton has been added to the cast as CSI tech Julian Dorn, will that throw a wrench in future jokes about the boy who lived? In short, no!

“Tom Felton is portraying a character on our show — he’s not portraying Tom Felton,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg tells EW. “Cisco will continue to make pop culture references. We’re, generally speaking, not afraid to have a little bit of a meta-moment.”

In fact, Felton hopes his character is the first to make a Potter joke in season 3. “I’m so excited for the references,” Felton says. “I don’t doubt the talent and creativity of the writers. I’ve got a feeling they’ll come up with some real good ones. I hadn’t thought about me saying it — I assumed it would come at me from Cisco — but maybe I should give it to Cisco. Maybe he should misquote something and I could correct him.”

Though Felton doesn’t appear in the premiere episode, executive producer Todd Helbing teases that he’ll act as a rival, of sorts, for Barry (Grant Gustin) this season. “He’s a direct result of Flashpoint,” Helbing says. “Barry’s had that lab to himself, but now he’s got to share it with this guy, who doesn’t really like him and is kind of prickly.”

The CW has also released more official preview photos from “Paradox”, the second episode of The Flash’s third season, where Tom will have his first appearance.

photo credit : Dean Buscher/The CW  source : Flash TV News

Airdate of episode 2 – “Paradox” : 11th October 2016

Happy 29th Birthday, Tom Felton !

We here at Feltbeats are delighted to wish Tom a most joyous and delightful
29th birthday today!
May your birthday be full of happy hours and special moments to remember for a long long time!


To celebrate this wonderful day, we asked last month your fans to take part in our birthday project Random Acts of Felton and many fans submitted their Random Acts of Felton, which included volunteer work, charity runnings, donations to causes and more, along with random acts of kindness in your name.
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Tom Felton’s film ‘Stratton’ at Dinard British Film Festival

Tom Felton’s film Stratton has been announced for the 27th Dinard British Film Festival in France, which runs from 28th September to 2nd October 2016.

Schedule of screenings below – source Dinard British Film Festival :


28th Sept. – 2pm / Salle Alizés 1
29th Sept. – 10am / Salle Hitchcock
30th Sept. – 5:45 pm / PAF – Balneum
1st Oct. – 10pm / Salle Hitchcock
2nd Oct. – 1pm / PAF – Balneum

GFM Films – Stratton

Tom plays “Cummings” from MI6.


Stratton, a Special Boat Service operative for MI6, and his American counterpart Marty, scope a laboratory complex in Iran in order to intercept deadly biochemical weapons. This most complex of missions goes spectacularly wrong however and in the mayhem Marty is mortally wounded. Stratton knows his trusted friend isn’t going to make it.

Back at base Stratton is summoned by the big boss at MI6. She has received intel that a former Soviet operative – Barovski – has gone rogue. Thought to be dead for the last 20 years, he plans to use deadly chemical weapons stolen from his former paymasters to take revenge. Hot on Barovski’s tail, Stratton and his team are despatched to Rome, including Hank, a US Navy Seal and loyal student of Marty’s from back in the day. Pumped up with hatred for the man who killed his friend, Hank goes all out, blowing the team’s cover and allowing Barovski an opportunity to escape.

On their return to London, Stratton and Hank track down the creator of the bio weapons and force him to reveal all he knows. Once again, however, they find their mission has been compromised; they seem to be taking one step back for every two steps forward.

Stratton and his team are not ones to give up easily however; their training simply does not allow that. In this race against time we discover that Barovski may have a weapon, but so do we…Stratton.

source: GFM Films – Stratton

Video & Photos of Tom Felton at Saskatoon Expo

Last weekend was Tom Felton at Saskatoon Expo .
Here are some pics of him and a short video from his panel.

29118893093_b3987e3e10_o 29637121012_75720c86d6_o 29690877261_57be2dd715_o 29145401183_8cfafba8f9_o 29145408983_5e067faab7_o 29657566002_27a248dcc4_o 29736749786_3662c74db2_o 29769846055_5cd748af68_o 29772709795_60a3d9288e_o 29772711915_a49a29bd2a_o

photo credit: Saskatoon Expo

More photos in our gallery. Thanks to all for the photos. 🙂

Live tweets by @SaskExpo and @TheGlassesGeeks :

It’s getting fired up at the @TomFelton panel and we’ll be livetweeting it all! #DracoMalfoy is taking the stage #SaskExpo

1st impressions – @TomFelton doesn’t mince words, gets right into fan questions,Says it may be too early for #HarryPotter questions #jokes

@TomFelton keeping the panel session very laid back, fielding plenty of questions, very tongue in cheek

.@TomFelton notes that while Draco sort of redeems himself but #Felton makes it clear the Malfoys are not nice people PERIOD.

“Draco needs a hug” @SaskExpo @TomFelton #DracoMalfoy #SaskExpo #HarryPotter

.@TomFelton definitely charming the crowd even though some of the questions are very deep, responses are thoughtful and heartfelt

.@TomFelton notes he does miss playing the character of #Draco, resounding chorus of “awwwwes” from the crowd #SaskExpo

“I miss it, he’s like a best friend that’s no longer here” @SaskExpo @TomFelton #DracoMalfoy #SaskExpo #HarryPotter

.@TomFelton asked how he feels about Lauren Lopez playing Draco in the #Potter musical and he LOVES it just as much as the asker loves him

“The best thing about potter is how it has inspired people” @SaskExpo @TomFelton #DracoMalfoy #SaskExpo #HarryPotter

Big laughs when .@TomFelton is asked who his favourite actor from the films is, responds “me” but says the whole crew is a family#SaskExpo

“We are very close, like an odd family” @SaskExpo @TomFelton @EmWatson @SaskExpo #DracoMalfoy #HarryPotter #SaskExpo

Asked why he was inspired to play #Draco .@TomFelton says he didn’t get cast for Ron or Harry lol but he made it work #SaskExpo #biglaughs

.@TomFelton asked if he’s prepared to go deeper down the rabbit hole of nerd culture, says it’s a burden to be embraced

” I embrace the nerd culture, you are the reason I’m here!” @TomFelton @SaskExpo #SaskExpo #DracoMalfoy #geeksinglasses

.@TomFelton tips his hat to the fans and notes the dedication an passion of the fans is what keeps him going, he loves it #SaskExpo

“If the world operated more like these cons, the world would be a better place.” @SaskExpo @TomFelton #SaskExpo #DracoMalfoy

.@TomFelton when asked about his work outside of acting he says he’s passionate about helping dogs and kids, loves inspiring people#SaskExpo

“I do lots with charity, I just don’t like to brag. I’ll just say dogs and children..not at the same time” @TomFelton #SaskExpo #DracoMalfoy

“Favorite ghost in Harry Potter? I can’t get into this debate haha” @SaskExpo @TomFelton #SaskExpo #DracoMalfoy #geeksinglasses

.@TomFelton asked which scenes got him emotionally drained he says basically any scene in the last two films #SaskExpo

“I wish Draco had a door out” @SaskExpo @TomFelton #SaskExpo #DracoMalfoy #HarryPotter

“Voldemort is a crap hugger” @SaskExpo @TomFelton #SaskExpo #DracoMalfoy #HarryPotter #geeksinglasses

” I would have ended it with Ron and Draco in a loving embrace” @SaskExpo @TomFelton #SaskExpo #DracoMalfoy #HarryPotter

.@TomFelton certainly getting lots of love from fans, and #spoileralert #Voldemort is a poor hugger #SaskExpo

“I like Umbridge, she wears pink and loves cats” @SaskExpo @TomFelton #SaskExpo #DracoMalfoy #geeksinglasses

.@TomFelton asked by 11 y/o girl why she hasn’t got her #Hogwarts letter Tom says the #SaskExpo is just a ruse so he can deliver her letter

Things you don’t expect .@TomFelton noting that he met #WarrenG and fanboyed out so he has lots of patience for fans and questions#SaskExpo

“I’m out! Thanks Saskatoon” @TomFelton @SaskExpo