Random Acts of Felton – Take Part in our Birthday Project for Tom Felton !

Next month is Tom’s birthday and we start today our birthday project for him.

A few years ago Feltbeats.com worked with fans on one of the biggest birthday projects so far for Tom Felton – Random Acts of Felton !
Last year it was back for his birthday and we decided to do it again this year.

We believe Tom is someone who always brings light and cheer into the hearts of his fans and those around him. He is giving and kind to everyone he meets – and we feel like spreading that spirit as far as possible!

So, we’re asking fans to commit a Random Act in the Tom Felton spirit, and tell us all about it on our Tumblr ! Then, we will present the website to Tom for his birthday.

Tumblr - Random Acts of Felton


To post your own Random Act of Felton, go to http://randomactsoffelton.tumblr.com/ and click on the menu in the top left.
There will be an option to “Submit Your Random Act of Felton.”
Click on that and submit your form! Easy!

If you just want to submit a birthday wish, photo or another item, feel free! All good things are welcome!

Examples of Random Acts of Felton:

  • Donate to a charity: Donate to a charity that Tom supports. Take a photo of you writing a check, a screenshot of the site or the thank you page!
  • Volunteer: Help out a charitable organization you think Tom would like. Maybe it is a hospital, a wildlife conservation organization, or a children’s charity – anything!
  • Help a family member: Spend a little time and do something unexpected for a family member. Maybe you can give a surprise visit or phone call to a grandparent. Maybe you can help your mom by doing the dishes. Maybe you can help your little brother with his homework.
  • Do something nice for a stranger: Help out a stranger in an unexpected way! Take a photo and post it to the site!
  • Promote Tom Felton! Help promote Tom Felton and his music! Post a flyer around town. Call your local radio station and request his song. Post a nice message about Tom on a popular website. Take a photo or screenshot!
  • Any other ideas? Anything will work for your Random Act of Felton! As long as it helps someone in the spirit of Tom Felton!

And here are some amazing ideas for Random Acts that fans did :

  • A young girl raised over $200 dollars in Tom’s name, and donated it to charity
  • A fan helped out at a senior center.
  • Fans spent time with kids with cancer, brightening up their day.
  • Fans baked cakes and food for others, helping to cheer them up.
  • One fan distributed Tom Felton / Feltbeats fliers at the mall.
  • ….. And sooooo much more!

Check out the home page of our 2011 Random Acts of Felton
(Please submit nothing there – this site is not active !)


our currently Tumblr page for Random Acts of Felton !

Please use only our Random Acts of Felton Tumblr account for your submission !



confirmed – Tom Felton announced for Fan Expo Canada

Great news for all Tom Felton’s fans who are going to the Fan Expo Canada.

Tom has confirmed to us that he will be attending the Fan Expo Canada next month.
The convention taking place September 3 – 6 at METRO TORONTO CONVENTION CENTRE.
Tom will be there on Saturday and Sunday.

Celebrity Q&A with Tom is on Sunday at 12.30 pm – Room 105 !

Click  h e r e  for schedule.

Fan Expo Canada will relaunch photo ops early next week.

Follow Fan Expo Canada on Twitter or Facebook for updates !


Photos of Tom Felton on set of his upcoming film ‘Stratton’

As you know, Tom is currently in London for filming his upcoming movie Stratton.

Tom plays “Cummings” from MI6.

We have some press pics of Tom on set yesterday.
He and Gemma Chan were filming in Hackney / London:

2B7F9D0F00000578-0-All_star_cast_Tom_Felton_was_spotted_on_the_set_of_new_action_th-a-86_1440028949308 2B7F9CF300000578-0-image-a-94_1440029051822 2B7F9D3E00000578-0-image-a-93_1440029043857

w_nor_ta8572af w_nor_ta8572b2 w_nor_ta8572b4 w_nor_ta8572bb

More on set pics in our gallery.

Yesterday, Tom posted some pics from set:

Meet Cummings #MI6 #Stratton


Come in Cummings #stratton

11364013_1621774034727659_2026196332_n 11925603_1621107788139135_317277696_nGemma Chan posted – (note: @t22felton is Tom’s instagram account):

Today’s clapper loader @t22felton #Stratton

11821742_1658437711109412_415654594_nToday, Tom’s brother Chris posted a pic of his daughter with her uncle on set :

Jaza loving her 1st day on set with her uncle @t22felton

11356800_150205065315608_1106979223_nIf you would like to know the exact plot of the movie, then please click h e r e and read it on the official website of GFM Films. But beware : SPOILER !!!

Germany / Europe – DVD / Blu-Ray Release Date for Tom Felton’s “Against the Sun” – Available for Pre-Order

The DVD / Blu-Ray of Tom Felton’s film Against the Sun will be released in Germany on 17th November 2015 !

The DVD / Blu-Ray has a German and an English audio track.
(German, DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 / English, DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 )
Therefore, you can watch it also in UK and other European countries with the English audio. 😉

Ascot Elite Home Entertainment is the German film distributor :

DVD Info / Blu-Ray Info

You can pre-order

the DVD h e r e on amazon.de – current price 15,35 € with pre-order Price Guarantee


the Blu-Ray h e r e on amazon.de – current price 17,73 € with pre-order Price Guarantee

81bIYTW+3DL__SL1500_Pre-order now !


Against the Sun – official website

Against the Sun – official site of The American Film Company

Against the Sun – official facebook page

Against the Sun – official twitter page

Against the Sun in our gallery.

Tom Felton Meets the Superfans now available on iTunes UK

If you missed Tom Felton’s documentary Tom Felton Meets the Superfans on BBC Three, then you have a new chance to watch it.
Tom Felton Meets the Superfans is now available on iTunes UK.

TF Meets the Superfans - itunes

>> Tom Felton Meets the Superfans on iTunes UK <<

cover170x170BTW, the American multi-platform media company FUSION has announced Tom Felton Meets the Superfans for the upcoming program on their television network. (Broadcast date: to be determined)

Videos & Photos : Tom Felton attends the Clayton Kershaw’s 3rd Annual Ping Pong 4 Purpose

Yesterday, attended the Clayton Kershaw’s 3rd Annual PingPong4Purpose tournament at at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.

We have some photos and the video of the finals between Tom / Paul Hodge and / :

Video on periscope by @rhenry7412

Tom and at 5:09


Click h e r e for more information about Kershaw’s Challenge !