The Ultimate Fan Interview (Part Three): interviews Tom Felton

Tom Felton has been extremely busy recently – from SoccerAid and Celebrity Adrenaline Junkie, to “Half-Blood Prince” and “The Disappeared.” He’s really kept us admins at on our toes trying to cover his many projects! So, to help us out, Tom agreed to give us a ring and discuss what he’s been up to and to answer a few questions for us.

This interview is the third part in a series of four:

Our fourth, and last, part of the interview will be posted Monday, November 10, to promote Tom’s appearance on “Jack Osbourne: Celebrity Adrenaline Junkie” which airs on ITV2 Wednesday, Nov. 12 at 9 pm GMT (3 PM US-Central).

It is an amazing interview, and there is a slight, remote, tiny, distant, sliver of a chance you might be able to see a picture of the highest-ranked stunt in our “Celebrity Adrenaline Junkie” poll.

Additionally, will be hosting another online viewing party during Tom’s “Celebrity Adrenaline Junkie!” episode! We will all meet in the FeltChat room and, barring technical difficulties, will attempt to watch the show live via screen sharing.

  • “Celebrity Adrenaline Junkie” Viewing Party: Wednesday, Nov. 12, 9 PM GMT (3 PM US-Central).

A FEW NOTES: Because also had a question or two for her (about YouTube accounts and what she did for a living, etc.), Tom asked his girlfriend Jade, the assistant to the stunt coordinator on Harry Potter films (in addition to many other films in the industry), to be on speakerphone with him as well. This week you may hear her laughing in some of the audio. 😉

And, several times throughout the interview Tom refers to America or asks me about the States because that’s where I live. 🙂 Regarding the upcoming Harry Potter movie, Half-Blood Prince, we Felton Fans are extremely excited to finally see a movie with a more in-depth, rounded-out Draco. Were you happy to finally be able to better flesh out this character?

Tom: Yeah, sure. When David Yates dragged me [aside] at the beginning of it and said, “I have full faith in you,” yadda yadda, and I hope that you’re going to embrace the role and so forth. And I was fairly terrified. We did a read-through with Michael Gambon, and I was petrified at the thought of the final scene.

But after that, I guess I sort of learned a lot on the set, and David Yates was really my motivation. He was very, very, complimentary of everything he saw and very good with direction. He knew exactly what to say to get the results he wanted. And what the producers saw, they were very, very happy as well. And that sort of spurred me on even further. And, it was great fun. I really, really enjoyed it more than any other film, without a doubt. Sort of, embracing the role, if you will, and making the most of it.

AUDIO: Tom talks about the experience of filming the sixth “Potter” movie.
[audio:hp1.mp3] Was it a big relief to show a different side of Draco?

Tom: It was great; it was probably the most exciting thing about playing the character this year. Obviously, he was a little bit two-dimensional in previous films. He was just a rather spiteful git for the sake of it; whereas in this film you get to see why he’s a bit of a git because of his father and his upbringing and so forth. You get to see both sides, really, of his extremes – the side where obviously his father is away and he’s trying to take on the male role and so forth.

But equally, the pressure will get too much for him, and you’ll see a much weaker side of him. So yeah, it was great playing a bit more versatile character, rather than just two-dimensional. I have heard that there is a scene in “Half-Blood Prince” in which Draco actually cries?

Tom: Yeah, in the bathroom. When he gets a rather guilty stare from our young Potter friend and he can’t handle it anymore. I’m not sure how much I can say here, but yeah, he makes his way to the bathroom and things get a bit too much for the young man.

AUDIO: Tom discusses the crying scene in “Half Blood Prince.”
[audio:crying.mp3] In terms of “The Deathly Hallows,” are there any particular scenes – well, really, aren’t there only two or three Draco scenes?

Tom: There are two scenes, really, aren’t there? There’s one in the Malfoy Manor and one in the Room of Requirement. Yeah, those are the big ones, and he’s also in the opening scene.

Tom: Yeah, he’s in the last scene as well. Yes, standing around watching the fight and hiding from everyone.

Tom: (Laughs) That’s right. Yeah, yeah. He’s about, he’s about. Which of the scenes are you most excited about? And, as you were reading the book, how did it feel to have Draco’s wand so prominently featured in the plot leading to Voldemort’s demise?

Tom: It was obviously great fun reading it. And, obviously, you try not to, but whenever you see your name in print your heart starts racing and you think, “Here you go. What’s going to happen here?” So yeah, I’m really looking forward to seeing my house, you know, and sort of being in the house with Jason [Issacs] and all the other Death Eaters that I worked with in this film, because they were all a great laugh. So that will be fun, no doubt.

And obviously, the big fight at the end, where I lose one of my campadres to the fire, or summat like that. That will be great fun, because it will be like a full-on battle scene which has been long overdue.

AUDIO: Tom talks about his favorite parts of “The Dealthy Hallows.”
[audio:dh1.mp3] Yeah, a lot of fans are looking forward to the fire scene, so I hope they don’t cut it.

Tom: I can’t wait. I can’t wait. I hope it will be a long shoot so we can get some time to enjoy it. And they can’t cut it because it is a Horcrux scene, right?

Tom: That’s right! Yeah. Certainly there will be no cutting it. Yeah. And actually, there will be some rather daring stunts for the young man. If only we had a good stunt coordinator to help with that…

Tom: (Laughs) Now I know you’re being sarcastic! Just a little bit!

Tom: You nearly had me there. (Laughs) I was about to say, “You’re joking! You’ll never guess what Jade does for a living!” I asked her about it before!

Tom: Yeah, I guessed. (Laughs) You are very crafty! You two are going to gang up against me here, I can see it… No question!

Tom: (Laughs)

AUDIO: Tom says I’m very crafty. (Yes, that’s Jade laughing in the background. You can tell because she has a totally cute laugh, whereas mine is rather annoying! *sigh*)
[audio:sarcastic.mp3] would like to thank Tom Felton for taking time (and it was a long while, actually!) to talk to us. We are eternally grateful, appreciative, pleased, and so forth. Yadda yadda, as Tom would say.

COMING NEXT WEEK: We discuss explicit language, his greatest fear, and his version of extreme sports. Also, Tom speculates as to how Draco would react if Jack Osbourne told him to jump off a cliff.

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    This has been a parody. We now return to our regularly scheduled programing. *clears throat*.

  2. You’re awesome, misha 🙂 You were so lucky to have been talked with Tom 😉 😉 Thanks so much

    And Tom, you’re so kute 😳

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  5. “You’re joking! You’ll never guess what Jade does for a living!” Mwhahaha! 🙂 That was funny! I love this interview!!! His voice is amazing!! And his laugh… 🙄
    You’re awesome, misha. 😛
    You’re awesome, Tom! 😉

  6. i think Tom is one of the small amount of people – actors – world-famous stars who are absolutely normal, natural, funny, intelligent and who can really act (and sing eventually:) … shall i continue?

    i’m really happy that he is still one of us… (and i think that Jade is absolutely awesome and beautiful young woman:))

  7. Hey, thank you! That was sooo funny! I sooo can’t wait for HBP and now DH as well! If only we had a good stunt coordinater! Ha! I love Tom and Jade! I love you for posting the interview! I love all y’all for supporting Tom!I can’t wait for part four! I can’t wait for adrenaline junkie! Am I babbling? I have read through this loads!I wonder what Tom’s fan think of Jade I love her well you know what i’ve heard of her? What do y’all think? Sophie-May Xx 😆

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  9. OMG Misha I can see why you all ended up in fits of the giggles this part of the interview is the best so far.

    I love the part about the stunt co-ordinator you and Jade obviously ganged up on poor old Tom and he nearly fell for it. You and Jade will have to be on your guard now as I am sure he will have his revenge on you both at a later date. At least he does have a GSOH that what I like about him.

    I can’t wait now for the Half Blood Prince as I am sure Tom will be FANTASTIC. Now I can see why he took part in Adrenaline Junkie to prepare him for Deathly Hallows. Just take care of him though will you Jade!

    Tina xxxxx

  10. Don’t forget Tom, you will also be in the scene when Hermione is being tortured by your dear aunt and that is when Harry takes your wand. 😉

      • When I read the Malfoy Manor scene comment from Tom I was thinking of the opening of the book with the Death Eathers at the table. It says the one Malfoy Manor scene but there are actually two Malfoy Manor scenes. 🙂

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  13. As usual this website has lightened my day. I love hearing Tom speak naturally. I became a big fan of his after watching the interviews he did for the fishing competitions. He was so humble and down to earth that I couldn’t help but like his personality. He is now in the group of people I pray for, hoping that he is always blessed with the good in this world.

    This third part of the interview as just as entertaining as the first two.
    I must say that the audio clips you included here Misha, are a treat. I love the fact that you teased him a bit and got such a lovely response.
    I’m glad to hear that we fans aren’t the only ones excited about his scenes in Deathly Hallows. I can’t wait to see what happens on screen.
    One of my uncles was an actor and he got stuck playing the same role in each film he made it seems. I had only watched two of my uncle’s movies in theaters, and laughed my tush off because it was so funny to see him die in both movies bleeding pink blood (my birth country had the worst movies ever :mrgreen: )

    Anyway, I believe that when Half Blood Prince hits theaters, people will finally give Tom Felton the attention he deserves. I hope he gets more roles that are versatile and to his liking.

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  16. Wow! Tom’s a really cool guy. I’m sure he has played Draco’s role in HBP to perfection. I cann’t wait to watch him in the movie!!

  17. Ah! Finally had a chance to read this! I loved it.
    It’s making me so excited for the movie.
    The part at the end made me laugh.

    I can’t wait for the last installment. Great work!

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  19. tom felton cool about the harry potter but some poeple are ask you what happened in the other movie so what wrong try I like you think as a girlfriend it hard say what it mean feel the same about that please write me again tom felton would like visit me here lacey one day

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  21. fab interview 🙂
    tom’s a laugh it seems, thats refreshing
    i can’t wait to see him in the coming films now!!! x

  22. tom felton your girlfriend jade is a son of a bitch me and my borther hate her we like emma waston with you not jade

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  24. WOW! i cant believe i ever hated Draco! heh. well in the last movie i feel REALLY sorry for him, especially in the crying scene! for some reason Harry seems really harsh for like almost killing him. me cry. but Tom, you are an amazing actor! i cant wait to see you in more movies after HP is over. plus Jade is super cool, im happy for you two!

  25. Damn lucky you! I’d die for an interview with Tom *cries*.

    Yeah, Jade has a very cute laugh! And Tom’s also cute.

    I’m so dying for Deathly Hollows! Too bad there are only 2 scenes with Tom. HB Prince was brilliant~

    Take care of our fave boy will you?

    P.S: Tom we love you, and you know it!

  26. lol can’t wait for the Deathly Hallows now and especially the fire scene lol!!!
    anyways luvv u soo much tom cuz ur amazin at everything and i hope u enjoy urself doin this film!!!
    Good luck!!! xxxx Ashleigh xx

  27. hey… i realize that this is going to sound so soooo stupid but… where can i find the audio? i know it said “listen to the audio below” or something around those lines but i just cant seem to find it (i obviously am blind! hahaa)
    and this is awesome! thanks for posting it!! tom rocks! haha

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