Tom Felton Attending Hogwarts School of Acting: Priceless

Tom Felton Attending Hogwarts School of Acting: Priceless

I’m pretty sure this interview hasn’t been posted on Feltbeats, because I don’t remember seeing it, but it appears to be a Spanish [Though I don't know which Spanish-speaking country(unless I'm horribly mistaken and it's Portuguese)] interview from when Tom Felton promoted Half-Blood Prince in Canada. Tom Felton’s section starts at 1:36. If this is a repeat video that you’ve seen on Feltbeats before, please don’t hesitate to inform us.

Thanks to Cinescape01 for the video:

Thanks and Enjoy

28 thoughts on “Tom Felton Attending Hogwarts School of Acting: Priceless

  1. Hehe, it’s Spanish, not portuguese ^^
    Anyway, guess i’ve already seen it, but i don’t know if i’ve seen it here in feltbeats :/ (and I think the one i’ve seen didn’t have the subtitles)
    thanks :D

  2. I haven’t seen this one before either, so I’m thinking it’s new (to us). =) I like how they editted it. That’s nice. And yes, that was Spanish subtitling.

    I forgot about that scarf….

  3. I have seen this interview before, but where – I could not tell you. I do love this answer about being an actor’s school, the other time I saw him answer this question seemed more defensive because he compared himself with people in “real” acting colleges like RADA.

  4. definitely, spanish! :D
    aww! I loooooveed Draco in this movie, he was more.. mature since he’s always being the bully in the past movies..

  5. Relax, it’s spanish. Definitely not portuguese.
    It’s similar, I can understand in both ways xD haha. Ohhh he’s so cute x3! Good job! I love feltbeats! \>w</~!!

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