Tom Felton discusses his bad reputation with Greece’s

In a short interview given to, Tom discusses his reputation while Evanna remarks on life in her favorite fan world.

Considerations … worship in the Premiere

More than 3,000 people greeted Tom Felton and Evanna Lynch in the Village Mall
By Panagiotis Panagopoulos

PREMIERE. On the corner, excitement, shouting and even fainting, more than 3,000 people greeted on Tuesday night two of the cast members of Harry Potter. Tom Felton and Evanna Lynch, Draco Malfoy and Luna Lovegood in the film found in Athens for the premiere of Half-Blood Prince of the Village Mall and received the enthusiastic public reaction.

Children at around 15, but great people over 50, waiting patiently-close-to meet the actors, to be photographed with them and get autographs. Yesterday, the young actor after meeting the extremely warm welcome, talked about his experience participating in the most successful film franchise.

Convincing the Felton

Felton, 21, who plays the “bad” Draco Malfoy from 2001 paints his hair to platinum blond from brown hair in order to maintain the image of the role. And the viciousness is convincing. “I have acquired such a bad reputation, when children come in shooting, I’m the only one they do not want to meet,” he says. “I have fun playing the villain. Thankfully in this film my role becomes more interesting, because to tell the truth, it was rather two-dimensional in previously.”

This however did not stop the fans of the series in identifying with the character he plays. “Too often I get letters that say ‘leave Harry alone, etc.’ Most worrying, however, was when I was contacted by an American, who legally changed his name to Lucius Malfoy (the name of my character’s father) and told me that he wanted to adopt me.”

The Felton wants to continue playing, which makes the age of eight years. “I’ll see what I do when I finish all the shooting of the last film. It is the last year to live the atmosphere of the workshop and the group of Harry Potter and I intend to enjoy. It is something that will miss it when finished.”

Harry Potter, like Twilight the new favorite series of young viewers, has to do with magic, fantasy and mystery. The Felton attributes the success to the fact that “a little mystery and a love story has an assured success. Moreover, the evolution of special effects is such that you can make almost anything to look real.”

The “true” Evanna Lynch

Unlike Felton who had not read any Harry Potter book prior to when he got the role, the 18 year old Evanna Lynch, who plays the role of Luna, was a fanatical book fan of JK Rowling. The dedication of the series was such as to exclude other candidates for the role in auditions held. The Half-Blood Prince is the second film in which she plays and now just starting to adjust. “In the previous film I felt very strange because I felt that I do not belong there. I saw everyone else as a star. I was such a loyal fan who could not believe that I participated in these films.”

What makes it so popular according to Lynch, is that “Harry has a sense of justice, wants to change things and has the power to try. It is because the he has a good heart. It’s something they want many children my age and reading books I found really inspirational.”

Lynch’s role model is Audrey Tautou, for both interpretations and how to keep her life away from the public. Being part of the cast of Harry Potter, however, has its difficulties. “I live in Ireland and during the filming was constantly commuting between London and having two lives. I would like to have a home and live there permanently.”

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  1. Evannah’s story is touching, for it witnessed what it feels like to go from off screen as a member of the audience, to become a on screen personality. I didn’t know she was fan of Audrey Tautou, our Amélie Poulain, nor that it was her model. That’s so nice!!

    Considering Tom’s point of view, some people can really go to extreme lenghts, and losing track with the reality. Therefore, I can understand his concern about the Lucius Malfoy’s story.

    With Love,


  2. OMG Tom that guy must be a big fan of you… O________o

    and Evanna’s story is just awesome, I could imagine how she feels when she started her first shoot in “Harry Potter”. Best wishes for Evanna ^^

  3. i must admite evanna has a really good point and some kids take it to fare when saying leave harry alone. also i dont get what the fuss is over twilight yeah its a good film but come on its defintly not as good as harry potter, if tom got the part as rilley it would be the best film but when they have finished all the twilight movies the kids will have to find something else ..x.. all my love emma x

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