Tom Felton’s new role highlighted in Daily Variety magazine (with scan)

Called the bible of the showbiz industry, Daily Variety magazine (a daily print product created by provides entertainment insiders with vital information on a daily basis.

In today’s issue, they highlight Tom’s new role in “Apparition” and give some information about the film.

Keep watching for more information on this exciting new opportunity for Tom. We hope to reveal more information – maybe even an answer to the ever-important question you’re all clamoring for: “What will be his hair color?” – very soon!

11 thoughts on “Tom Felton’s new role highlighted in Daily Variety magazine (with scan)

  1. Personally, Tom in ANOTHER horror/suspense is not that appealing to me. He seriously need to try other genres bec this is like the 4th time he’s doing it (including his guest stint in PBS’ Second Sight). I’m hoping this will be his last for awhile afterwards

    Having said that, I’m curious though of his American accent — if he’s playing one — & if he’s gone brunette (most unlikely since he still needs to be a blonde for In Between The Waves, & DH)

    • Honey, he’s young. Maybe that genre is suiting Thomas’s interests at this time, and for once, the theme of the referred movie is also matching my own tastes. He’ll probably move on to try out other genres when he’ll feel ready for it. Patience.

      With Love,


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