RUMOR: Tom Felton’s character in “Caesar:Rise of the Apes” has a name.

In their write up from San Diego’s Comic Con, Access Hollywood reveals that Tom’s character name in “Caesar: Rise of the Apes” is Dodge.

2:00 PM – Tom Felton from the Harry Potter films is the sole cast member at Comic-Con to represent the films. He jokes that having to watching himself go through puberty on screen through all the films has been tough and that he and Daniel Radcliffe go back and watch the first film and can’t believe what bad actors they were! Felton has already moved on to his next projects. He just wrapped filming on a movie with “Twilight’s” Ashley Green and from Comic-Con he goes straight to the set of the new “Planet of the Apes” movie (starring James Franco). He’ll play a human character named Dodge.

As soon as this is confirmed, we’ll let you know. Tom returned to the set immediately following his stint in San Diego, but is currently on a break from the film and back in London before he will then return to the set at an undisclosed future time. With his world travels of late, it could be tomorrow, tonight, or some time next week after he hits another country or three. 😉

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