Feltbeats.com’s 2010 Year In Review

Now that we are steaming ahead in 2011, we want to take one last look at the happenings of 2010 and what a great year it was for Tom Felton and Feltbeats.com. We have compiled a list of our Top 10 Tom stories last year so here we go!

10. Fan Conventions

There were plenty of Fan Conventions in 2010, some attended by Tom, some not, but all featuring Feltbeats.com members!

As many of you know, Tom attended Dragon*Con in Atlanta, Georgia in 2009. While many of us hoped he would return again this year, we are quite happy that he had to spend his time with hairy apelike creatures instead. However, in many a conversation leading up to his final filming schedule being released for “Cesar: Rise of the Apes,” he had still hoped to join up. We decided after it was determined the producers would not let him leave Canada that we would instead bring the con to him.

As you all know, Tom couldn’t make it to Ring*Con in Bonn, Germany due to shooting “From the Rough” in New Orleans, Louisiana. Still I was there to represent feltbeats.com and it was great.


Magic christmas

Thanks to TomFeltonEU for uploading the videos of Tom at the autograph session and at the opening of the event.



9. New Projects

2010 was Tom’s busiest year yet with in addition to the end of Harry Potter fiming, a whole slew of new projects were announced such as The Apparition, From The Rough, Caesar: Rise Of The Apes, and White Other

Tom had a chance to discuss his role of “Patrick” in The Apparition recently with MTV.com, and we learn exactly how long he’ll be in Berlin, and that not only his character mentally different from his iconic role of Draco Malfoy, it’s physically different as well.
Tom Vancouver
Just Jared Jr. has reported that Tom Felton is in Vancouver Canada filming one of his latest projects: Caesar: Rise of the Apes.
In October, we were introduced to the brilliant “White Other”, Tom’s latest film venture:
Ray Marsden
A character channeled by our own Tom Felton, Ray has come to life in a secret project to be announced later this week. Tom is breathtaking as he portrays the anguish of a troubled youth demanding to see a patient in hospital while being confronted by a skeptical nurse, lonely and solitary in the dead of night.



8. Comic-Con

Tom was give the honour of presenting the newest Harry Potter Part 1 trailer at the 2010 Comic-Con International and attended a round table discussion with Feltbeats.com and other Harry Potter sites.

Amy and Tom

Thanks to Feltbeats.com reporter Amy_Marie97, we’ve got this wonderful interview with Tom at ComicCon. In the interview, Tom gives more details about upcoming projects.


comic con

Our real excuse for posting this video was so we could go “hey, we found new photos of Tom at San Diego’s Comic Con.” But in actuality, it’s because the video PopCandiesTV has of Tom being screamed at by fans as he left the event was just too cute not to share.

7. Charity
In 2010, Tom devoted a good part of his free time to many worthwhile causes:

Tom started the year by making a very gracious donation to the HP Alliance’s auction for relief in Haiti.


As promised, Tom tweeted a picture of the guitar that he donated to the Harry Potter Alliance’s fundraiser.
Thanks to @r_p_f and Megan, we have this new photo of Tom posing with fans at the “Be a Gunner. Be a Runner.” charity event which took place earlier today to raise money for the Great Ormond Street Hospital.
Actor/director Noel Clarke posted this picture with Tom Felton and “Skins” actor Joe Dempsey. The three are working together to support the Robin Hood Tax, an idea proposed by a group of more than 300 economists and businessmen, where there would be a small tax on financial transactions that occur only between large institutions. There are estimates it could raise more than £250 to £450 billion a year worldwide. This money could then be used to help fight global climate change, world hunger, and more.
Thanks to gracelightning56 for uploading the video of her trip to see Tom Felton and Devon Murray at the There with Care screening and VIP party for “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1″ held in Colorado over the weekend. In the video, we see Tom and Devon attend an auction followed by an autograph signing.
At a recent screening of Tom’s latest Harry Potter adventure, there was shown beforehand the poignant documentary Zimbabwe’s Children. Watch as Tom humbly realizes that the life of millions of children such as those in the film is without hope of an education, decent jobs, or a rise out of poverty as he beseeches the audience to help these children receive an education and childhood of their own.
Taking a cue from Tom, Feltbeats.com also got into the fundraising action:
Feltbeats.com will be holding a Charity Fundraiser in celebration of  Tom Felton’s 10 years playing Slytherin Bad Boy Draco Malfoy. Over the next six months, we will be collecting donations for the newest charity near and dear to Tom’s heart. Inspired by the documentary, ”Zimbabwe’s Forgotten Children”

6. Late Night TV

Tom  had the pleasure of touring the late night television circuit with visits to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and an appearance on the George Lopez show!

Tom Felton’s appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno is now fully online in two parts. In the second part you can see the clip from Malfoy Manor where Draco is faced with a disfigured Harry.


Thanks to JustJaredJr, we now have video of Tom Felton during his interview on the George Lopez show.

After the high-pitched screams that greeted Tom when he went on stage, George Lopez remarked that never before has he had a guest which elicited such a huge reaction from the crowd. Amazing!

He also has some fun with Tom – and we get to see Tom’s golf swing!



5. Tom’s 23rd Birthday

Fans gathered to talk with Feltbeats.com about the charismatic Tom Felton as his 23rd birthday approached. Watch as we speak with fans young and old along with a few close friends, in particular James and Oliver Phelps, before sticking around to see the surprise we have in store for the birthday boy.

4. Six String Productions Is Formed
Earlier last  year, Tom teamed with Six String Productions to get his music out to the masses!

Six String Production  now have an account on YouTube and on MySpace. There you can listen to Tom’s songs, before you buy the songs on sixstringproductions.com. Additional can you read the lyrics of the songs “If You Could Be Anywhere” and “All I Need” on YouTube.


Six String Production published photos of various Tom Felton ‘If You Could be Anywhere’  merchandise,  you can buy only at their website. You’re able to choose between a bag, mugs, shirts and hoodies.



3. Grand Opening Of The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter

In June, we had the long awaited opening of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Tom, his co-stars, and many members of Feltbeats.com were in attendance:


From the press conference at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, we now have photos and video taken by our own BSerLori of Tom, his co-stars Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, the Phelps twins, that Bonnie girl, Michael Gambon, Warwick Davis, and Matt Lewis, the producers of the film and the heads of Universal Orlando.


From copious media attention, I’m sure that you’ve no doubt gathered that last week was the much anticipated grand opening of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, Florida. While Feltbeats set up a Live Coverage Feed of what was going on in Orlando, we also had Feltbeats Army members there at the scene.  Meanwhile, here’s what happened in other news:


Here is another submitted Feltbeats report from June’s opening of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. In this report, we are given those first hand accounts of all the shops and delicious park treats you can only find in Hogsmeade, an extra special treat graciously given by a park worker in the Gryffindor Common Room, and an in-seat video of the ride immortalizing our own Tom Felton, the Forbidden Journey. Not to mention a short clip of Tom riding one of the park’s rides, himself.



2. Harry Potter Promotional Extravaganza

The month of November was all about one thing: The release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and the HP Promotional Extravaganza surrounding it!
We begin with the London Red Carpet Premiere:
DH London

Thanks to premierepictures, we now have new photos of Tom at the premiere of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” in London. You can see all the new photos in our gallery.

London dh2


Next we saw Tom make his way to the States for the US Deathly Hallows Premiere in NY!

Tom loves feltbeats

Feltbeats.com was once again on the red carpet for the North American Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Premiere. Here is our coverage of Tom Felton talking to us!

Tom and his girls


Tom’s spoken with many news outlets in the past few days as his HP Promotional Extravaganza continues. For those of you that missed his AP interview from the red carpet, we have that for you below, along with another clip from his visit with MTV, a revealing vacation interview with Central Florida On Demand, and one more fan video of Tom doing what he does best – pleasing the masses.

We have now reached the NUMBER 1 story on Feltbeats.com in 2010. Drum roll please:
1:Tom Felton Wins Best Villain At 2010 MTV Movie Awards!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks to the votes of his many faithful followers, Tom took the award for Best Villain at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards beating out the likes of Oscar Winner Cristoph Waltz, and his dear “Aunt Bellatrix”, Helana Bonham Carter!

Thanks MTV we now have a high quality clip of Tom Felton winning his first MTV Movie Award.

We also have a lot of new pictures of Tom, which you can see in our gallery. MTV Movie Awards 2010

As to be expected, interviews with Tom are making their way online in regards to Tom’s win, and all of them are quite favorable towards our favorite villain.


As promised, Tom Felton has delivered to us (from his new iPhone, no doubt!) a video thanking his fans for voting for him as Best Villain (in his role as Draco Malfoy) in the MTV movie awards. During the MTV competition, thousands of Tom’s fans from around the world rallied together to promote and vote for Tom – and we were all rewarded when Tom won!


Well that wraps up our look back at 2010. For more highlights that didn’t make our Top 10, check our our 2010 Wrap-up newsletter at http://tinyurl.com/4pq7az6 We hope you enjoyed last year and look forward to a wonderful 2011 for Tom Felton and Feltbeats.com!

6 thoughts on “Feltbeats.com’s 2010 Year In Review

  1. 2010 was an AMAZING year for Tom and I hope it continues for him this year and many years to come!

    Also, he deserved that win for best villain! I lost count of how many times I voted!!!

  2. I really, really enjoyed 2010, for from being a just regular poster, I’ve moved also to become a tweet, and met @meankittylover while visiting berlin last Summer.

    Thomas has grown even wiser during last year, by revealing how much he was as human as the rest of us, that he did some mistakes, and learnt from them.

    I’m posting here since early 2009, and yet, it feels as if it was yesterday I had just landed there.

    Glad I found Feltbeats. Glad I found you.

    With Love,


  3. I got great pleasure from reading these articles, look at the great victory of Tom in 2010 and is a very big success! I am certainly pleased that the new movies due out soon with Tom, such as “The Phenomenon”, “Phenomenon” and “White Other”. Another thing I most admire the fact that Tom won the award best villain in 2010 on MTV Avards! I am sincerely happy for you Tom.

    I like Feltbeats.com.

    With Love,


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