What’s Tom Felton’s Line? Video!

Thanks to Snitchseeker, we now have the clip of Tom Felton on “What’s My Line?”

Basically, the show is a kind of hot/cold game where contestants try to… Guess who (without all the murder and mayhem ;)).

I can’t seem to get the code for the video, so click the picture below and you will be transferred to Snithseeker’s page.


Also, be sure to check back with us for more updates on Red Nose Day. On March 18th, Tom Felton will be doing a Comedy Skit with Rupert Grint on the special that will be aired on television.  If anyone can tape that footage for us, that would be fantastic! Thanks.



Thanks again to Snitchseeker for the clip and info!


9 thoughts on “What’s Tom Felton’s Line? Video!

    • i will so marry tom felton!!!im 22 years old and i have a harry potter name lunna we meat her in the Order of the Phoenix!!!i love my name sone its going to be Lunna Felton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HE IS MINE GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!So HOOTTT

  1. Charming – charming – charming He takes it all as good fun and everyone he interacts with is all smiles, lovely

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