Tom Felton and Jade leave Katsuya restaurant

Photographers snapped photos of Tom Felton and his girlfriend Jade as they left the Katsuya sushi restaurant in LA.

More pics here.

18 thoughts on “Tom Felton and Jade leave Katsuya restaurant

  1. I don’t know what everyone is talking about. Jade is gorgeous and Tom is happy with her. Sorry but, I think you guys might have a rather large green monster hanging on your back. It’s not very becoming.

    On a different note, great picture! You both look so happy 🙂

  2. oh jade you are so wonderful, pretty gorgeous, i love you so much i’m your biggest fan blablablabla…..
    only because she’s with tom. would she be so gorgeous and pretty if they don’t be together??

    stop pretend to like that bitch, only bc “she makes him happy” cant hear it anymore!

    • Jealous much? You don’t have to love her just because Tom does, but saying mean things about her hurts Tom and if you were a real fan of his you shouldn’t do something that upsets him. Plus it’s not her fault people are obsessed with her boyfriend and are mean to her, she didn’t do anything wrong to deserve so much hate except date someone none of you would ever be able to date anyway.

  3. “if you were a real fan of his you shouldn’t do something that upsets him”

    how many times did i hear this 😀 it’s bullshit. i don’t need to like her, only bc she makes her happy .. just so you u know

    • You clearly didn’t understand what I said because I did say you don’t need to like her because she makes him happy but you don’t have to be mean to her either just ignore her. How would you like people you don’t know calling you an ugly bitch all over the internet?

      • What you said makes no sense so I’m just gonna assume you admitted you yourself are an ugly bitch which is why you’re making fun of everybody else. I’m happy now.

  4. I don’t understand that people call her “fame…” just because she smile on the pics. What else is she supposed to do, stick out her finger???!!! I think Jade is gorgeous because everyone that has been with her said so, she seems to make people happy! And she was very nice to me when I met her!! That is why I like her!!!

  5. Omygosh, her face is so shiny! :O
    I do like her dress but not her shoes. They’re kinda like platform loafers… and the ankle socks? LOL.
    Hope you had a nice meal Tom! 🙂

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