Harry Potter 1 Watch Party with Tom Felton

Tom Felton watched HP1 for the first time in about 20 years and let his fans take part in this special moment 🙂

First 11 minutes & 11 seconds of Harry Potter & the Philosophers stone – 
First time I’ve watched HP1 in about 20 years :

HP1 watch – Round 2 :

Release Date for Tom Felton’s upcoming movie “The Forgotten Battle”

Tom Felton’s film “The Forgotten Battle” (Slag om de Schelde) will be released in cinemas in the Netherlands on 17th December 2020. 

Featured image

A dutch movie about three young people: a British glider pilot, a Dutch boy fighting on the German side and a Dutch female resistance member; set around the Battle of the Scheldt. Their choices differ, their goal is the same: freedom. (we reported here last year – the English working title was called “Battle of the Scheldt“)

November 1944. The Allies are stalled in Belgium. Winter is coming. In the Southwest of the Netherlands, tens of thousands of Allied and German soldiers are engaged in The Battle of the Scheldt, for control over supply lines. A Dutchman conscripted into the Wehrmacht, a British glider pilot, and a local girl with the underground resistance cross paths. They each face fundamental choices which will have consequences for their own lives, and for Europe’s freedom.

Tom plays Tony Turner.

sources : imdbLevitate Film / photo credit : Mark de Blok