Random Acts of Felton- 31!

A few years ago Feltbeats.com worked with fans on one of the biggest birthday projects so far for Tom Felton – Random Acts of Felton! We received thousands of birthday wishes and hundreds of “Random Acts” geared toward spreading the true Felton spirit. Tom loved it! We decided it was so successful and well-received that we are going to do it again!

We had a break last year from RAOF for Tom’s big 30 by raising almost £2000 for the Great Ormond Street Hospital through the sale of a charity tshirt. But this year, Random Acts of Felton is back!

We believe Tom is someone who always brings light and cheer into the hearts of his fans and those around him. He is giving and kind to everyone he meets – and we feel like spreading that spirit as far as possible!

So, we’re asking fans to commit a Random Act in the Tom Felton spirit, and tell us all about it on our Tumblr! Then, we will present the website to Tom for his birthday.

What is a Random Act of Felton?

Here are some amazing ideas for Random Acts that fans did last time we ran this project:

– A young girl raised over $200 dollars in Tom’s name, and donated it to charity (You rock Allison!).

 – A fan helped out at a senior center.

– Fans baked cakes and food for others, helping to cheer them up.

– On fan distributed Tom Felton / Feltbeats fliers at the mall. ….. And sooooo much more!

Instructions: To post your own Random Act of Felton, go to this blog and click on the menu. There will be an option to “Submit Your Random Act of Felton.” Click on that and submit your form! Easy! The deadline is Tom’s birthday; the 22nd of September.

If you just want to submit a birthday wish, photo or another item, feel free! All good things are welcome!

Tom’s 30th Birthday Project!


As all of you know, Tom turns 30 on September 22nd, and we at Feltbeats wanted to do something good to celebrate the guy who inspires us, entertains us, and loves us. Our crazy-talented Admin, Rotae, has created a beautiful design that features many of Tom’s talents and interests, and has put it on a shirt that all of you can purchase. The proceeds of the shirts will go to the Great Ormond Street Hospital, one of Tom’s favorite charities! The more shirts we sell, the more we get to donate to a great organization. The campaign ends on October 22, 2017.

Click here to help us celebrate Tom, celebrate life, and celebrate giving back.

*Shirt is available in a variety of styles and colors.

New Film Role for Tom!

We are excited to confirm that Tom has a new film role in the upcoming comedy, “Whaling.”

WHALING is a comedy about a brother and sister who are forced on a cross-country adventure to deliver their mother’s ashes into the belly of a whale. The film is written by Sean McEwen and Tammin Sursok.  McEwen is directing the film.

Tom will be playing Brandon, the brother of Tammin Sursok’s character, Star. We look forward to bringing you more information about the film and this role very soon.

Source: ProjectCasting

Emerald City Comic Con

Emerald City Comic Con has announced that Tom will be a Guest at their convention happening March 2-5, 2017 in Seattle, Washington. Tom is scheduled to appear on Saturday and Sunday of the event. Tickets can be purchased here.

*As always, event appearances are subject to change. We will confirm when Tom does.