Tom Felton starts official Facebook page

How much do you “like” Tom Felton! Now you can prove it!

Tom has confirmed via Twitter and an e-mail to us that he has indeed started his own Facebook page. Here it is:

good afternoon, starting to use my fb page (long overdue), so bare with me, will try to entertain as best as i can x

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Congratulations Tom Felton on having 1,000,000 Twitter fans!

Congratulations to Tom Felton for reaching ONE MILLION fans on Twitter!

With this amazing number, Tom reaches an elite group of less than 500 super users on Twitter who have more than one million users. In fact, this number puts Tom at the 430th most popular account in the whole world.

Since Twitter has more than 200 million followers, being the 430th most popular ain’t too shabby.

In fact, it’s amazing!

To help celebrate this milestone, please let’s tweet the following to Tom!

Congratulations Tom on one million followers! Congrats Tom! @TomFelton #1MillionForTom