Photos of Tom Felton at Silicon Valley Comic Con + Video of his Panel with Grant Gustin

Last weekend was Tom Felton with Grant Gustin at Silicon Valley Comic Con .

Here are some photos of him with fans and from his panel with Grant Gustin from Sunday.

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credit: Getty Images / Albert L. Ortega

Thanks to Bay Area HQ for the video. 🙂




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More photos with credits in our gallery. Thanks to all for the pics.

Tom Felton announced for Silicon Valley Comic Con

Silicon Valley Comic Con has just announced Tom Felton for their convention next month.
SV Comic Con will take place 21st – 23rd April 2017 at the SAN JOSE CONVENTION CENTER, 150 West San Carlos ST, San Jose, CA 95113 .
Tom will attend the convention on Saturday and Sunday.

And he is not alone 😉 Grant Gustin aka #TheFlash will also be there :

Best known as Draco Malfoy from the Harry Potter films, Tom Felton left the magical world to go on to star in “Rise in the Planet of the Apes,” “Belle,” “The Disappeared, “Night Wolf,” “The Apparition,” “In Secret” and more. He is now a series regular on “The Flash,” where he plays Julian Dorn, a CSI at the Central City Police Department with suspicions about Barry Allen – otherwise known as Doctor Alchemy, the acolyte of speed god Savitar, this season’s super villains. Tom will be at SVCC on Saturday and Sunday, April 22-23. Tom will be available for photo ops and autographs at SVCC on Saturday and Sunday, April 22-23. He will hold a fan Q&A with The Flash’s Grant Gustin.

source: SV Comic Con

Get your tickets and the photo & autograph tickets here -> Tickets


Tom Felton – Photo OpSaturday & Sunday$80.00
Grant Gustin and Tom Felton – Duo photo-opSunday$250.00
Tom Felton – Selfie at autograph tableSaturday & Sunday$60.00
Tom Felton – AutographSaturday & Sunday$60.00

Please note! As always, there is always the chance of cancellation due to work or personal commitments.

Video + Photos of Tom Felton’s Panel at Emerald City Comicon and more pics with fans

Tom Felton was at Emerald City Comicon last weekend. Here are some photos of him with fans and during his panel from Sunday.

C6L5sOIUYAAptAJ.jpg large C6L4qc0U8AEtKMw.jpg large 5fe46e9a-7fe0-4e13-a433-024fcaceae37-800_8303 032b9a0c-6281-47df-a9f9-56e9052c5cd6-800_8329 648465316 648464980 648465266 648465276 648465302photo credit : Clare KramerSeattleRefinedGetty Images

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You can watch the panel on .

Live-Video von ReedPOP auf anzeigen

– It’s Tom Felton’s first trip to Seattle

– “I knew nothing of the character. I still don’t. They keep me very much in the dark.” Tom Felton on The Flash’s Julian

– “I literally run around the Cortex, taking pictures of myself next to #TheFlash suit.”

– Clare: “If Julian were to get sorted into any Hou…” Tom Felton: “Slytherin. That’s going to be my answer for all my characters.” #TheFlash

– “I say whatever you’re passionate about, it should be celebrated.” Tom Felton on fandom

– “I celebrate love of all kinds.” Tom Felton on #Drarry

– “What would I want to steal? Radcliffe.” Tom Felton on what he stole/would want to steal from the #HarryPotter sets

– #AlanRickman “was a wonderful, wonderful man. It did take me 6 yrs to say anything to him because he was bloody terrifying.”

– “He had an incredibly good sense of humor … and an even better ability to not show it.” Tom Felton on Alan Rickman

– “They’re so creative and in the realm of the show, anything could happen. You could die 3x & come back as an elephant.” Tom Felton #TheFlash

– “I’ll keep that in mind and campaign for my love for Barry.” Tom Felton on Caitlin’s romantic track record on #TheFlash

via Clare Kramer‘s Twitter Account.

BTW, during his panel, he mentioned a new film project after finishing The Flash.
We are curious. 🙂

Photos of Tom Felton at Emerald City Comicon

Tom Felton is at Emerald City Comicon this weekend. Here are some photos of him with fans from Saturday.

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More photos with credits in our gallery. Thanks to all for the photos. 🙂

BTW, Tom did again a live video on instagram yesterday. Rotae has recorded it for us. 😉