A Celebration Of Harry Potter – Day Two with Tom Felton, J. Isaacs, M. Lewis & W. Davis

Yesterday was the second dayof A Celebration of Harry Potter. Here are some photos and Videos :

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Q&A session – Thanks to SnitchSeeker

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Tom stepped onto the stage at Citywalk’s Rising Star and sings Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” :

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A Celebration Of Harry Potter – First Day with Tom Felton, J. Isaacs, M. Lewis & W. Davis

As we reported here, Tom Felton is alongside Jason Isaacs, Matthew Lewis and Warwick Davis at this years A Celebration of Harry Potter.

Yesterday was the first day and our admin Lori is there for us. Here are some beautiful fotos by her. 🙂

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Click here for Feltbeats’ video from the Q&A session.

Click here for Feltbeats’ video from the Grand Opening Ceremony.

Tom posted on his instagram :

Highlight of my day was meeting Juniper @harrypotteruniversal #thegirlwholived #HPCelebration

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Queen of hugs, sweet Juniper #hpcelebration #thegirlwholived

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Thanks to all for the photos and videos !

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Photos and Videos: Tom Felton attended the World Premiere of ‘A United Kingdom’ at TIFF

Yesterday, Tom Felton attended the world premiere of his film A United Kingdom at
41st Toronto International Film Festival .
Here are some photos and videos of him – more photos in our gallery :

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photo credit: Getty Images , littlengoc & ET Canada

Click here for another video by etalk CTV

Thanks to all for the photos and videos ! 🙂

Feltbeats Interview Transcript

As we reported earlier, Feltbeats.com had the pleasure of interviewing Tom Felton at this past weekends MegaCon in Orlando Florida. At the request of some of our followers, here is a transcript of Feltbeats Admin Southernbets sit down with Tom. Enjoy!!!

Tom: Here I am with the Feltbeats Ladies, for the first time in 4 years, very excited. The initial group that started the Feltforce, or Draco Con, or whatever else it does

Betsy: Jason said that if we have a Draco Con he was going to attend and photo bomb everybody

Tom: He would, yeah he would

Betsy: So, you know,  I’m going to look into that, cause, you know

Tom: Do so

Betsy: So we just have a few questions. You’re so busy this coming year with movies coming out. We know that Risen’s already come out, I wanted to ask you first of all, you got to work with Joseph Fiennes, on Risen

Tom: what a hunk, what a hunk

Betsy: Isn’t he? How different was it working with him than working with his brother Ralph Fiennes?

Tom: Well Ralph was always in Voldemort outfit, so it was pretty terrifying to be around. Joseph’s a bit younger, I think he’s the youngest of the bunch.

(Betsy starts fixing his hair, lol)

Tom: Sorry, sort it out. Oh Crikey! But a lot of fun. He’s a mega professional actor and a really nice guy. He has a beautiful family, really like led the way for us. Made the job very easy for me

Betsy: The scenery on that film is amazing, beautiful

Tom: Yeah, Malta and Spain. It was bloody hot

Betsy: Oh was it?

Tom: Yes

Betsy: Hotter than here?

Tom: Yes it was, in Roman armour

Betsy: So Sheep and Wolves, you get to be the voice of an animated character. Is that the first time you did animated character voices other than for the park.

Tom: Yeah I think it is. I’ve done it for theme parks, video games, the narration for the studio tour, but I’ve never done, never got to be a main character before, it was a lot of fun

Betsy: Did you like it?

Tom: I got to be a wolf and a sheep in a really good story so it’s quite cool. I haven’t seen it yet so I don’t know what it looks like

Betsy: Very cool. When you do that, your like by yourself in a booth, watching it and reading right?

Tom: yeah, yeah, yeah. This ones different because usually the actors do their bit and then they put the animation around it, but in this one, the animation was already made. It was about fitting words to the characters. It was a bit different

Betsy: Did you find it a more difficult

Tom: It was challenging, yeah. We were supposed to do it in two days and we ended up taking three

(Betsy tells Tom to stop messing with his hair)

Tom: Cut it off, it’s getting too long! I know, I’m not cutting it

Betsy: You do! It’s terrible!

Tom: My hair’s terrible, I love her!

Betsy: just do it that way, go this way

Betsy: So in Stratton, which I’m really excited about because Tyler Hoechlin’s in that one too

Tom: He’s a good looking chap isn’t he

Betsy: I know, he dies in it though (spoiler). So are you the bad guy, you’re the villain right?

Tom: What, no

Betsy: Are you sure, or are you lying? Totes lying. He’s always the bad guy

Tom: no I’m not, there’s several bad guys in it

Betsy: Can you count the number of movies your not the bad guy in it, let’s count. In Sheep and Wolves are you the bad wolf. Do you eat the sheep?

Tom: No, I’m the hero!

Betsy: Yes!!!

Tom: I’m the humble hero

Betsy: Well there’s one

Tom There’s one. Stratton, I’m more or less a good guy

Betsy: Your such a liar lol

Betsy: So, you play an 18 year old twin with Troian in Feed

Tom: I was like do I? Oh yeah, oh yeah. You know more about my business than I do

Betsy: How the heck, how the heck are you first of all playing an 18 year old still?

Tom: I don’t know, Getting away with it aren’t I. Shaving twice a day when I’m doing that

Betsy: It also talks about how they have a very strange unusual relationship. Are we talking Flowers In The  Attic strange?

Tom: What’s that?

Betsy: I told you he would not get that!

Tom: I don’t get that reference

Betsy: there’s way too much going on between the brother and sister

Tom: It’s odd, I haven’t seen it so I don’t know what’s in it, but I know the director saw a test screening of it yesterday, or two days ago and said it’s disturbing. It’s a disturbing film and it addresses, sorry I did that again, really quite, what’s the word, not dangerous issues, but ones that really haven’t been  attacked before so I think people were upset by it

Betsy: so it’s going to be pretty controversial

Tom: It is I think, I think it is. It’s an odd one but I’m really really proud, without seeing it, really proud of the work. Troian is amazing, and Tommy the director was so much fun, and yeah I’m brilliant in it.

Betsy: Yes! But are you the bad guy?

Tom: No, no I’m not the bad guy!

Betsy: Two!

Tom: He’s not a good guy neither. He’s just a character

Betsy: I think you just really like it because it’s so different from you, because your just a really like cool fun guy.

Tom: Exactly, If I could play anything

Betsy: Like this is him normally, really cool

Tom: I’m jovial and idiotic, so to get to play someone so serious, that takes themselves seriously, it’s fun

Betsy: so we have just a couple of little fun ones

Tom: I love your fun ones

Betsy: So, your not going to know this which is terrible. In a battle between Batman and Superman vs Captain America and Iron man, because we are at MegaCon we have to have a comic book question

Tom: Are we?

Betsy: Who would win?

Tom: Why do you ask me this? I don’t know who any of those. I think it’s quite. Did you say Spiderman was one of them?

Betsy: No Spiderman is not

Tom: Spiderman would win

Betsy: Spiderman would win, oh my gosh

Tom: I’ll take Batman and Superman

Betsy: John Barrowman

Tom: John Barrowman

Betsy: John Barrowman

Tom: John Barrowman. Quick film it. Get him

Betsy: Say Jon Barrowman

Random guy opens door: Wow, bad place, Oh your already banged up

Betsy: yeah. So clearly, let me move forward a little

Tom: yeah yeah yeah

Betsy: I’m already broken

Betsy: so, and then, Christopher had this really good question, how do you eat your tacos? That is like legit food tacos

Tom: I don’t  like tacos

Betsy: You don’t like tacos?

Tom: Wait, what’s the other type of tacos? Disgusting people, I love you. Ah no, I don’t eat tacos

Betsy: You don’t eat tacos?

Tom: Not really. You mean the hard ones, the crispy ones

Betsy: Crispy or soft

Tom: I don’t really eat them. Generally, how do I eat them is like this, side angle thing(demonstrates eating a taco)

Betsy: How do you live in LA and not eat them?

Betsy: But I mean like guacamole or cheese, or salsa

Tom: Oh no, plain

Betsy: Beef, chicken

Tom: Beef, chicken, that’s it, that’s it. Really boring I know

Betsy: Alright, what’s the best part about  living in LA now

Tom: The weather, I love the ocean. The weather, the ocean, ah yeah those two are good. Everyday, so yeah I moved. I no longer live in uh, hello, I no longer live where I used to live. I live by the beach, I spend most of my time on the beach

Betsy: Are you learning to surf?

Tom: I’m learning to surf, I skateboard everywhere now, yeah a lot of fun

Betsy: awesome. Do you want to shoutout to some fans?

Tom: I would love to shoutout to all the Feltbeats Army and anyone remotely affiliated with this great organization. Excuse my um tardiness in not being around much recently. I’m back with a vengeance, stronger than ever, and yeah I want to thank you for all your support. It’s relentless. It never stops even when I don’t,  I’m not there to receive it, it seems to constantly be pulled out of me. So thank you, here’s to a kick ass year, love you girls, keep up the good work