Photos and Videos of Tom Felton at the Argentina Comic Con – 2nd day

As you know, Tom Felton is at the Argentina Comic Con this weekend.

Here are photos and videos of his second day at the convention.

photo credit:  John AlcantarUNO.arSun_Love29 & Cuatro Bastardos

More photos in our gallery. Thanks to all for the photos and videos!

You can watch more videos on Jaz Mensi’s YouTube account.

Stay tuned for day 3 !

Tom Felton’s Patronus, favourite spells and Hogwarts class

Pottermore released some videos, where Tom Felton and other Harry Potter cast members discover their Patronusus on Pottermore. They also asked Tom and Warwick Davis what they’d like to study if Hogwarts was real, and some of their favourite spells.

Watch the videos below.

– full Patronus video of Tom via Twitter:

– full Patronus video of Matthew Lewis via Twitter:

– full Patronus video of Warwick Davis via Twitter:

Jason Isaacs talks about playing the ‘bully’ Lucius Malfoy:

Photos & Videos of Tom Felton at the Festa Dell’Unicorno

As we reported here , yesterday was Tom at Fantasy in Touch’s ‘Festa Dell’Unicorno’ in Vinci/Italy.

photo credit: Festa Dell’Unicorno 

Tom Felton Italy  was also there, click here  for their photos.

More photos in our gallery. Thanks to all for the photos!

– and here are some videos – thanks to all :

Video by – click for some pics

Click here for a full panel video with Tom by marti / @allenbert

Video UPDATE (We have also updated our gallery.) :

2 & 3 are videos:

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Sof_ 95 (@sof_95) am

and here is a report with a summary of the first panel in Italian.

Photos of Tom Felton at Silicon Valley Comic Con + Video of his Panel with Grant Gustin

Last weekend was Tom Felton with Grant Gustin at Silicon Valley Comic Con .

Here are some photos of him with fans and from his panel with Grant Gustin from Sunday.

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credit: Getty Images / Albert L. Ortega

Thanks to Bay Area HQ for the video. 🙂




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More photos with credits in our gallery. Thanks to all for the pics.