Vivien’s report about the world premiere of Tom Felton’s YouTube Series ‘Origin’ – #LeaveEarth

As we mentioned earlier, Vivien was at the world premiere of Tom Felton’s YouTube series Origin in London last Thursday.

Here is her report about it:

‘Origin’ World Premiere
8th Nov. 2018, VUE Leicester Square

So, first and foremost I have to say a huge thank you to Sandra (and everyone) from Feltbeats for giving me the opportunity to go to this amazing event, and also thank you to MuggleNet for even making it possible. I have been a fan of Tom’s for about 6 years now but haven’t had the time to stay completely up to date with everything or go to any events for a long time due to life (especially university) getting in the way. But when Sandra asked me if I wanted to go on behalf of Feltbeats, I was over the moon! I mean it’s not every day that you get the chance to go to something like this, especially something so exciting.
Of course, this was not as big as a blockbuster premiere like you usually see them in Leicester Square, but I think I heard security talk about a bit more than 200 people attending the event.
Me, excited and clueless as I was, turned up at 5pm although the doors were not supposed to open until 6, but I was not the only one being early.
Everyone was told to wait in a queue, and while waiting, we got to meet and chat to each other. There were loads of people who had won the MuggleNet competition and a lot from different places all over the world. While the fans were waiting, there were obviously crew members and actors arriving as well, so we could spot a first glimpse at some of the producers and (at least for me) unknown actors and actresses.

Tom had already arrived long before, so he and the other main stars were inside already. After a couple of annoying problems with security communication, everyone got let in and we found ourselves in the foyer of the cinema, where the red carpet had been rolled out, a photo wall put up and they had a little photo booth where you could get a picture of yourself inside a capsule-like cabin like they used for the show.
When you look at the professional photos taken of Tom and the others on the red carpet, it looks like it was a huge space with hundreds of people and strict areas where people could and couldn’t go, but in reality it was very small and relaxed, and anyone could have just gotten up to anyone to ask for a picture or talk. However, there was a red carpet and a fairly strict time frame, so we got told to go through to the screen room as quickly as possible without waiting in the foyer for too long. Here some pictures that give an idea of the space including photos of Tom arriving on the red carpet greeting his co-stars and colleagues:

Coming into the screen room, I realised that film premieres are definitely not as formal as I had imagined them to be. Or maybe, just because this one was fairly small, there were not many strict security rules or you as a fan had to sit in a certain area. If I would have been brave enough, I could have literally sat down next to the director!
Another reason why I can recommend going to film premieres: The most comfortable cinema seats I’ve ever seen and free water and popcorn! (sweet AND salty, they know how to get me)
Everyone also got a free shirt with the Origins and Youtube Originals logo printed on them.

After a short introduction about the concept of Youtube Originals, the cast came in and said Hi to us before taking their seats in the first row. Tom was easy to spot in his amazing outfit and actually sat down right on the edge of the row, only a couple of seats infront of me and I could see him the whole time while in the cinema.

I won’t give much away about the actual show but this: WOW. It was incrediblely gripping right from the first minute, with very well rounded characters that only seem to develop further throughout the series, well executed special effects and a very interesting storyline. Lots of tension, emotionally and physically, and very good portion of Horror elements that made me jump out of my comfortable cinema chair a couple of times! Coming out on the 14th November with all episodes available for streaming, I cannot recommend this enough, especially if you like a bit of sci-fi. It’s a bit like ‘Lost’ but set in the future and in a spaceship, not an island.
And our lovely Tom, of course, is doing a fantastic job in playing the guy nobody can stand – what a surprise!
They showed us the first two episodes á ca. 40 minutes long, and my eyes were literally glued to the screen. Cannot recommend it enough!

Afterwards, they held an interview session lead by BBC’s Clara Amfo, who seemed to be quite nervous, but did a good job.
I tried to take videos of it and managed to get most of it on camera, but eventually my storage was full, so here we go:

Then, the whole event was kind of over already, so most people started leaving the cinema, but obviously, crew and actors were still chatting and trying to find their families who had been invited as well. I was quite nervous but as I was already sitting so close to Tom, I couldn’t just leave without trying to congratulate him and say hi on behalf of the Feltbeats team.
There were a few people gathering around him already of course, so I didn’t want to bother him too much as he was saying that he was looking for his family. I did manage to tell him I was there for the Feltbeats team, so he asked me for my name, hugged me and kissed me on the cheek (I still can’t believe it myself) and thanked me for coming and that he hoped I had enjoyed the show. I congratulated him on his great performance and wished him a good rest of the evening, as I could really see that all he wanted was to be with his family, so I left without asking him for a photo.

While leaving, they were also giving out signed posters with Tom’s, Natalia’s and Sen Mitsuji’s autographs on them, which look really great. All in all, it was a very pleasant and exciting evening and everyone, me including, was so proud to see Tom back on screen in a role that seems to be made for him. I am very excited to watch the next episodes and see his character developing, and let’s hope for a second series of this exciting new TV show, so we can enjoy Tom being stuck in a spaceship with a group of other weirdos a bit longer!

Thanks again to the Feltbeats team and to Tom for making my evening one to remember!
Vivien xx

Thank you Vivien! You’re awesome. 🙂 x

Tom Felton at the World Premiere of Origin in London

As we reported here, the world premiere of Tom Felton’s upcoming YouTube series Origin was on Thursday in London.

photos  by Origin – more photo in our gallery.

videos by Philipp Christopher, Madalyn Horcher & Fraser James.

Stay tuned for Vivien’s report from the premiere (she was there for us) ! 🙂



Tom Felton at Good Morning Britain, Build Series London & Saturday Breakfast with Dermot

As we reported here, the last few days were various press events for Tom Felton’s upcoming YouTube Series Origin.

Good Morning Britain  :

Build Series London :

Saturday Breakfast with Dermot :

Click on the image below and you will be redirected to iPlayer Radio. There you can listen to the show with Tom and Natalia – from about 1:12:56 – available for 29 days from today (10th Nov. 2018).

More pics form the press events in our gallery.

There will be a separate post for the world premiere and Vivien’s report (she was there for us) will follow in the next few days.

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Tom Felton’s appearances in London in the next few days – #OriginSeries #LeaveEarth

As you know, Tom Felton’s series Origin will be online on YouTube Premium next Wednesday.

Therefore, some press events will be in the next few days. Here is a list of the dates. As soon as we know more, we will add them to the list.

*** UPDATE ***

  • 7th November – 6 am – 8:30 am – Good Morning Britain
  • 7th November – 11:30 am (GMT) – Build Series London
  • 8th November – World Premiere of Origin
  • 10th November 2018 – 8 am (GMT) – Saturday Breakfast with Dermot on Radio BBC 2

Good Morning Britain  :

You can watch it tomorrow on ITV 1 on TV or later on their website. GMB will certainly upload parts of the interview on YouTube

Build Series London :

You can watch it on Wednesday LIVE

–> here or later on their facebook page or on their website .

Tickets are here  –>

Origin – World Premiere :

Saturday Breakfast with Dermot :

You can listen to the radio show on Saturday LIVE on their website via iPlayer Radio or later here.

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