Feltbeats.com Celebrates 5th Anniversary

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 5 years since our webmiss, Misha, snatched up the Feltbeats.com domain name and started this little site dedicated to Tom Felton’s music. We’ve grown exponentially and expanded our focus from just his music to ‘All Things Tom;’ attending premieres, tour and park launches, side ventures and award voting. On more than one occasion, Tom has commented that he checks the site to know where and what he’s doing, as we know more than he does!

To celebrate this festive occasion, we asked you to send us your favorite Feltbeats memories of the past 5 years. Thanks to admin, Rotae, we have this fantastic video to share with you!

Take a look at our very first Anniversary post here, where you can find out how Feltbeats.com began and some interesting tidbits about our history.

Thank you to all of the Feltbeats Army and the Feltforce; those of you who have helped Feltbeats.com to be the amazing site that it is, who vote extensively and participate in events and projects. Your support is greatly appreciated. A special thanks to the Admins, past and present, who have given so much to help Feltbeats.com succeed. To Misha, who I don’t think could have even dreamed her little venture would become what it has, thank you. And most especially, to Tom (and Jade) for supporting and endorsing the site, always giving his time for interviews and treating us so well at events.

THANK YOU for making Feltbeats.com the internet’s #1 Source for All Things Tom Felton!!!

Universal Studios Announces Diagon Alley Coming In 2014

The Wizarding World of Harry  Potter - Diagon Alley Rendering

In a press release sent out today, Universal Studios Orlando officially announced the Diagon Alley expansion that will open in 2014. The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter- Diagon Alley will be located in the Universal Studios Park joining Hogsmeade which is located in it’s sister park Island Of Adventure.




‘London’ and Diagon Alley Will Come to Life at Universal Orlando in 2014

World’s First Centrally Themed, Multi-Park Experience

ORLANDO, Fla. (May 8, 2013) – Building on the global phenomenon that is The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Universal Orlando Resort and Warner Bros. Entertainment today announced an expansion of historic proportion with the entirely new themed environment,

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley.

Scheduled to open in 2014, the world’s first centrally themed, multi-park experience expands The Wizarding World of Harry Potter across both Universal Orlando theme parks and allows Universal’s creative team to bring an unparalleled vision to this unique project. The new area will bring to life some of the experiences and places found in and around London in the Harry Potter books and films, offering brand-new adventures for fans and theme park guests from around the world.

Diagon Alley and ‘London’ will be located within the Universal Studios Florida theme park, which is adjacent to Universal’s Islands of Adventure theme park, where guests now experience Hogwarts and Hogsmeade. The new area within Universal Studios will be just as expansive, immersive and authentic as the existing themed environment.

And – just like in the books and films – guests will be able to travel between ‘London’ and Hogsmeade aboard the Hogwarts Express.

Work on the new area is already underway. When complete, it will feature shops, a restaurant and an innovative, marquee attraction based on Gringotts bank – all directly inspired by the fiction and films.

More details on The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley will be released over time.

To bring Diagon Alley and ‘London’ to life, Universal’s creative team is working closely with Warner Bros. and the production design team from the Harry Potter films – just as it did for Hogwarts and Hogsmeade.

“I’m so pleased that The Wizarding World of Harry Potter has proved so popular to date, and I’m sure that the attention to detail in creating the new Diagon Alley area will make this an even better experience,” said J.K. Rowling.

“We are continuing the journey and adding an entirely new level of adventure,” said Tom Williams, Chairman of Universal Parks & Resorts. “And we are bringing the same drive, commitment, enthusiasm and innovation to this project as we did to the first.”

“We are thrilled to offer the legions of fans the opportunity to embark on this new journey and experience Diagon Alley as it was brought to life in the books and films,” said Brad Globe, president, Warner Bros. Consumer Products.

“Our vision is to create two amazing theme park experiences that combine into one, complete, magical journey,” said Alice Norsworthy, executive vice president, marketing and sales for Universal Orlando Resort.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Hogsmeade opened at Universal’s Islands of Adventure in June 2010 as a fully immersive Harry Potter themed environment – bringing to life the bestselling books by J.K. Rowling and the blockbuster feature films from Warner Bros. Since that time, it has become a global phenomenon, entertaining millions of people from around the world.

Visitors to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter are swept into the adventures of Harry Potter. They can tour Hogwarts castle, shop in Hogsmeade and dine at the Three Broomsticks. They can soar above Hogwarts with Harry, be chosen by a wand at Ollivanders, sample Butterbeer and much more.

About the Harry Potter Series

Harry Potter continues to be a global phenomenon. Each of the seven books by author J.K. Rowling has broken sales records, with the series to date having sold over 450 million copies worldwide and translated into more than 70 languages. The Harry Potter films, produced by Warner Bros. Pictures, have grossed more than $7.7 billion to date worldwide at the box office, making Harry Potter the largest-grossing film franchise in history.


About Universal Orlando Resort
There are many ways to enjoy your Orlando vacation, but there is only one place where vacation becomes adventure: Universal Orlando Resort. It is a unique destination featuring two theme parks, Universal Studios Florida and Universal’s Islands of Adventure, three magnificently themed on-site hotels and a nighttime entertainment complex. It’s the only Orlando destination where you are not just entertained – you become part of the most exhilarating entertainment ever created. You can soar above Hogwarts with Harry Potter, swing above the streets with Spider-Man, battle aliens alongside Agent J, and help Shrek save Princess Fiona in Shrek 4-D. Now open: the new, heart-warming and hilarious Despicable Me Minion Mayhem ride. And coming soon: Transformers The Ride-3D.
Universal Orlando Resort is part of NBCUniversal, a Comcast company.

About Warner Bros. Entertainment

Warner Bros. Entertainment is a global leader in all forms of entertainment and their related businesses across all current and emerging media and platforms. A Time Warner Company, the fully integrated, broad-based studio is home to one of the most successful collections of brands in the world and stands at the forefront of every aspect of the entertainment industry from feature film, television and home entertainment production and worldwide distribution to DVD, digital distribution, animation, comic books, video games, product and brand licensing, international cinemas and broadcasting.

HARRY POTTER, characters, names and related indicia are trademarks of and © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Harry Potter Publishing Rights © JKR.

Stay tuned to Feltbeats for more news on the upcoming expansion!

Beloved actor, Richard Griffiths, dies at 65

Feltbeats.com is saddened to hear of the passing of Richard Griffiths due to complications from heart surgery. We send our condolences to his family and friends.

Although it was by far not his only work, Potter fans will fondly remember him for bringing Harry’s uncle, Vernon Dursley, to life onscreen. He also starred with Daniel Radcliffe on stage in “Equus” in both the West End production in London, and the Broadway production in New York.

According to BBC news, Daniel Radcliffe was among the first to pay tribute, saying: “Richard was by my side during two of the most important moments of my career. I was proud to know him.”

I was lucky enough to meet Mr. Griffiths after a performance of “Equus” in New York in 2008. He was a lovely, funny gentleman, and our world is less talented without him in it. RichardVernon

The winners of our Labyrinth raffle – CONGRATULATIONS

Last Thursday was the last day for our Labyrinth raffle.

Thanks to all who participated.

 Labyrinth Special

DVD mit Unterschriften auf Cover

You had to be answered 5 questions about Labyrinth – here are the answers to the questions:

In the movie and the book there are two women, deeply connected but seperated through the centuries. What are their names (full name)?
Alice Tanner and Alaïs Pelletier du Mas

In which year did Viscount Raymond Roger Trencavel die?

In which two cities was Labyrinth filmed?
Carcassonne and Cape Town

What religion were many of Viscount Trencavel’s subjects? This was also the reason why Viscount Trencavel was target of the Crusaders.
Cathar / Catharism

The movie is about 3 books and a ring, which contains a labyrinth as symbol in it. What secrets will this all reveal?
Holy Grail


Hannah-marie F. / UK – English book

Franziska F. / Germany – German book

Jordan G. / Canada – signed DVD

Monika T. / Poland – DVD

All winners were informed via email and the books and DVDs are already on the way to them. :) Sorry for those who didn’t win. Maybe next time.

Unfortunately, no one had an interest in the French book. After the end of the raffle, we talked about what we should do with the book.

We have decided that we will donate the book to the library in my hometown. My Town has a French partner town, and we thought that it’s a great idea so. Today I was at our library, and they were very happy about the donation.

Labyrinth Stadtbücherei
The person of the library didn’t want to be photographed.

Thanks again to Tandem Communications for the great prizes!

Labyrinth – official Website / Labyrinth on facebook

Tandem Communications – official Website / Tandem Communications – Labyrinth on YouTube

© TANDEM PRODUCTIONS GmbH & Film Afrika Worldwide (Pty) Limited South Africa. All rights reserved

Win signed books by Kate Mosse and DVDs of Labyrinth with Tom Felton

Today we have a raffle for you.

TANDEM COMMUNICATIONS, the production company of Tom’s TV miniseries “Labyrinth”, sent us for this raffle special “Labyrinth” prizes. Tandem Communications says on this way thank you for the great support.

Labyrinth Special

We have three signed books of “Labyrinth” by Kate Mosse (we have one copy in English, French and German) and a DVD of Labyrinth for you. You can watch “Labyrinth” on the DVD in English and German, but the region code of the DVD is 2 (click here to see in which countries you can watch the DVD). The German book is the edition of the film with pictures.

We just got an email from Tandem Communications that we will get another DVD of the film. The cover of this DVD is signed by author Kate Mosse, director Christopher Smith and actresses Katie McGrath and Vanessa Kirby.

DVD mit Unterschriften auf Cover

Now we have 2 DVDs to give away – a signed and an unsigned DVD ! :)

Englische Ausgabe Französische Ausgabe

English Book                                                   French Book

Deutsche Ausgabe DVD

             German Book (Movie edition)         DVD ( languages German and English)

What you need to do to get one of these prizes? It is easy! You just have to answer five questions about Labyrinth. No worry, if you have not seen the movie, you’ll find all the answers on the internet. (TIP: Search with Google or Wiki for the answers and go to the official site of Labyrinth!)

Answer the questions below and send your answers with the subject “Labyrinth” to


IMPORTANT: Please also add to your email which prize you want to win.

Deadline is the 28th February 2013, so you have enough time to search for the answers, if you do not already know them.

If ALL answers are correct, the lucky winners of our prize raffle will be chosen at random. Afterwards we will announce the winners on our site.


1. In the movie and the book there are two women, deeply connected but seperated through the centuries. What are their names (full name)?

2. In which year did Viscount Raymond Roger Trencavel die?

3. In which two cities was Labyrinth filmed?

4. What religion were many of Viscount Trencavel’s subjects? This was also the reason why Viscount Trencavel was target of the Crusaders.

5. The movie is about 3 books and a ring, which contains a labyrinth as symbol in it. What secrets will this all reveal?

Good luck!

Thanks to Tandem Communications for the great prizes!

Labyrinth – official Website / Labyrinth on facebook

Tandem Communications – official Website / Tandem Communications – Labyrinth on YouTube

Photo credit:
© TANDEM PRODUCTIONS GmbH & Film Afrika Worldwide (Pty) Limited South Africa. All rights reserved

Join Feltbeats For The Tom Felton Holiday Project

It’s that time of year again! Time to celebrate the holiday’s with family and friends. It’s also time for the Tom Felton Holiday Project! First things first……..NO PEEKING TOM :)

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This year we are doing a two part gift for Tom, and it’s all digital so everybody can participate in one way or the other, or both if you so choose!

First, we will be doing a Holiday Card for Tom and it will feature all of you! Pictures of you anyways. We aren’t going to post here what it will say or how we will use your submissions (in case somebody is snooping, lol) but if you would like to participate, email us at feltforce@gmail.com and we will send you all the details and what you need to submit in order to participate.

Part 2 is a reboot of Tom’s 24th Birthday Gift. We are doing Random Acts Of Felton: The Holiday Edition! Last year Tom Fans from around the world participated in Random Acts Of Kindness in Tom’s honor. Fans donated to charities, volunteered time, and just brightened the day of others in the same spirit that Tom does when meeting his fans.

We will also be posting Holiday Greetings for Tom as well on the Random Acts website which you can check out all submissions submitted here.

If you would like to participate in any (or all) of our projects, contact us at feltforce@gmail.com

Deadline for the virtual card is December 15th

Random Acts Of Felton will run through Christmas

While it is nice to perform charitable acts at the Holidays, we encourage you to keep up Tom’s charitable spirit year round!

As an added bonus, all those that submit a Random Act Of Felton will have their name put in a drawing for a Feltbeats Prize Pack that includes this photo that Tom was gracious enough to sign for Feltbeats.com while at his appearance in NY in October.

Good Luck everybody, and we look forward to seeing your submissions!