Photos & Videos of Tom Felton at the Elbenwald Festival in Germany

Tom was as an actor and musician at the Elbenwald Festival on 10th & 11th August 2018. Here are photos and of course videos of his concert. Friday was the panel (actually with Evanna Lynch, but she came later because her flight was canceled) including his first concert and on Saturday he gave another unplanned concert as a surprise.

credit: ilo_ve_photography, underscorekira, Svenjaistoxic, avditxre, dracoxreader, Jule_wki & Elbenwald
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Videos : Panel & Concert – Friday

Saturday :

other videos :

Thanks to Vanessa for this video 😉 :

Tom Felton live on stage at the Elbenwald Festival

Elbenwald Festival has announced Tom Felton for their event in August.

There’s the chance to get an autograph from Tom or take a picture with him. You can also ask questions during a Q&As.

BUT THE BEST PART of the announcement is that Tom Felton is not just announced as an actor, he’s also announced as a MUSICIAN ! 🙂
According to Elbenwald Festival, he will sing live on stage and play guitar.

AND IT IS TRUE ! – Tom has confirmed it to us. It’s his first official music performance – it will be his debut Gig ! 🙂

The festival will take place at the Eventpark Luhmühlen, Westergellerser Heide, 21394 Westergellersen in Germany from 9th – 11th August 2018.

Currently only 3 days tickets are available – price: 139 € ! Get your ticket H E R E !
We’ll let you know, should day tickets be available – T i c k e t  page !

UPDATE – 9th June 2018 :

Day tickets are available – price 69 € ! Get you day ticket H E R E !

According to the website, Tom will be there on Friday and Saturday.

BTW, Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood) will be there, too.

There are cool bands at a festival, but not stars and actors. They are only at conventions where there is a lack of bands. We have both!
Elbenwald Festival

More informations on the official Website of Elbenwald Festival or on their Facebook Page !

Please note! As always, there is always the chance of cancellation due to work or personal commitments.

Photos and Videos of Tom Felton at the Argentina Comic Con – 3rd day

Tom Felton was at the Argentina Comic Con last weekend.

Here are photos and videos of his third day at the convention. BTW, he sang again for his fans.

photo credit: Argentina Comic ConCinergiaEl Lado G & Brigada C

More photos in our gallery. Thanks to all for the photos and videos!

Tom posted via his IG Story:

Jason David Frank posted via his IG / IG Story:

Photos & Videos : Tom Felton’s Travel and Adventure Time in New Zealand

After his appearance at the Armageddon Expo, Tom stayed a bit longer in New Zealand and he visited various places together with his brother Ashley and his sister-in-law Liz. He shared his great time on his Instagram account and IG Story.

Tom with his brother Ashley:

Lake Rotorua:

Rotorua – Key to life:


photos by Ashley :

Tom: “Thank you New Zealand. You were a shed load of beauty & fun x”