PART 2 – Photos & Videos of Tom Felton on set of his new movie ‘Whaling’

Tammin SursokWolfgang Henning and Uskeygrip are sharing photos and videos from the set of “Whaling”, an upcoming comedy with Tom Felton (we reported here), on their Instagram accounts & IG Stories. On Monday we already posted part 1 of pics and videos from the first days (click here for part 1) and now we can offer you a part 2 😉

It’s really nice to work with these two who take their craft seriously
Absolute professional at the highest caliber.. this old timer is grateful
Well.. 1st week is in the can!
Litegear lite tile 4×8 working as the key light for these two super talented actors
Tammin Sursok :

Videos by Tammin Sursok & Wolfgang Henning

video by Guthrie News Page

AND if you missed Tom’s Live Video on Instagram yesterday – you can watch it below 😉 :

Photos : Tom Felton with his guitar – on set of ‘The Flash’

On Tuesday, some fans had the chance to meet the actors of The Flash. Tom Felton was with his guitar on set and during a break from filming, he and Grant Gustin met the fans and Tom sang something for them.

And the press was, of course, also there. 😉 Therefore we have some photos of Tom. 🙂
More photos in our gallery!

– and photos of Tom without his guitar during the break :


and without words 😉 :

photo credit: Just Jared Jr / hh / AKM-GSI
Thanks to Grant Gustin News for some HQ pics.

BTW, there are more photos from that day, but because of spoilers, we will post the photos after the last episode. 😉

VIDEO – More Music – Tom Felton live on Instagram

Today was Tom Felton again live on instagram with his music.

Thanks to Tom_22_Felton for the video.

If you missed the other live videos by him, you can watch them below. Thanks again to Tom_22_Felton and to our admin Rotae for the videos:

14th Dec. 2016

27th Jan. 2017

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