UPDATE : Tom Felton in the latest issue of NKD Mag – #89 – November 2018

Today, the latest issue of NKD Mag (digital & print) was released.
Issue 89 features an interview with Tom Felton and photos of him. You can see a preview of it below.

Tom talks about the past, the acting, the beginning of his career, filming of Harry Potter, his music, his new series Origin, his Harry Potter mates and more.

If you want to read the full interview, then you have to buy the magazine digital.

You can also buy it as a print copy here!

*** UPDATE ***

Because it’s been a while since the magazine was published, we now share with you the interview and the rest of the photos. (click on the pics below to read the interview)

credit: NKD Magazine / Catherine Powell

Reverse the night with Tom Felton via British GQ & Haig Club

A few days ago, we got a sneak peek of a video with Tom Felton by British GQ in partnership with Haig Club. Now, British GQ published the full advertising video.

During a night out in Soho, the actor explains why getting sloppy isn’t an option

Tom Felton was one of the breakout stars of the Harry Potter series and since then his acting career has taken him from battling it out in Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes to period dramas such as Belle and A United Kingdom. While the bright lights of Hollywood have called for him, he still feels at home in London. “It’s an incredible city,” he says, “one that’s in a permanent state of reinvention.” Watch our video with Tom as he reverses his night out in London.

That means when he’s here he wants to grasp every moment. “I always start as I mean to go on: with clarity,” he says, “Because I want to remember where I’ve been and what I’ve seen.”

Here, Felton talks us through a night out in reverse. We head back through time, from drinks at Bar Swift and The Arts Theatre Club, to dinner at Pastaio and sharpening up at Pall Mall Barbers. He ends as he begins: “With style.”

credit: British GQ