Photos & Videos : Tom Felton with the cast of ‘The Flash’ at San Diego Comic Con

Yesterday was the big day for the cast of The Flash at the San Diego Comic Con – interviews, photo shooting, signing, meeting fans and many more.
You can see in the photos and videos, they had a lot of fun.

Here are some photos – more in our gallery. Please look several times in the gallery for updates.

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Hint: New videos which we will find will be added in this news post, please check it several times for updates.



UPDATE 25th July 2016 :

UPDATE 26th July 2016

UPDATE 27th July 2016

Photos : Tom Felton plays Paparazzi

As we report on Twitter and Facebook a few day ago, Tom Felton will be attending San Diego Comic Con in support of The Flash.
On his way to San Diego, he played paparazzi in Vancouver today. 😉

SMILE! Tom Felton snaps a photo as he heads to San Diego Comic Con

Tom Felton departs Vancouver for the 2016 San Diego Comic-con! The star was in a happy mood, jokingly snapping a picture of the paparazzi before heading off on his flight. Tom has joined the cast of ‘The Flash’ on CW network as ‘Julian Dorn.’

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photo credit : Splash News/ATLANTICO PRESS

Tom Felton’s first day of shooting for ‘The Flash’ – BTS videos & photos

As we reported here, Tom Felton joined the cast of The FlashSeason 3 .

Yesterday was his first day on set and Randy Grixti has two videos for us. Thank you Randy! 🙂
It is a scene with Grant Gustin and Jesse L. Martin at False Creek, Olympic Village, Vancouver, BC. You don’t see much of Tom, but it’s Tom. 😉


BTS The Flash 1 - Video by grixti2 534 BTS The Flash 1 - Video by grixti2 579 BTS The Flash 1 - Video by grixti2 609 BTS The Flash 1 - Video by grixti2 679 BTS The Flash 2 - Video by grixti 122 BTS The Flash 2 - Video by grixti 140 BTS The Flash 2 - Video by grixti 150 BTS The Flash 2 - Video by grixti 296BTS The Flash 3 - Video by grixti 264 BTS The Flash 3 - Video by grixti 274 BTS The Flash 3 - Video by grixti 280 BTS The Flash 3 - Video by grixti 287

Tom posted on his instagram :

Shall we

Ein von Tom Felton (@t22felton) gepostetes Foto am

and on twitter :