Photos of Tom Felton from his upcoming film “From the Rough”

The website to the movie “From the Rough” is online. In addition to the synopsis about the movie and a view of the cast, the site shows some photos of the film.

Tom Felton
TOM FELTON plays “Edward.” Best known as “Draco Malfoy” in the Harry Potter franchise, the most successful worldwide in cinema history, he is just now coming into his own as a performer; Felton plays a lead in the upcoming reboot of the Planet of the Apes franchise and has just landed a record contract (music available on iTunes and at “”). “Edward” promises to show a side of Tom we’ve never seen before.

FROM THE ROUGH is based on the true story of Catana Starks, a former swim coach at Tennessee State University who became the first woman ever to coach a college men’s golf team. With drive, passion, and guts, she took an unruly group of mismatched kids from around the world and guided them to an all-time record at the PGA National Collegiate Minority Championship.

Tasked with building Tennessee State’s first golf team and finding only one available African American golfer – Craig, a former caddy with plenty of talent but no confidence – Catana Starks pushes outside TSU’s Historically Black context, and, against huge resistance, opens up the roster to underprivileged kids from around the world: Edward, a lower class British youth with a rakish charm and a contempt for authority; Bassam, a French-Algerian from Paris, angry about the discrimination of his people, soft-spoken but likely to explode; Cameron, an Australian from a single-parent household with a childhood spent working, using golf as means to escape; and Ji-Kyung, a disaffected South Korean from Orange County with a love of hip hop.

Finding each of these wildly different players in places around the world is tough. Getting them to come together as a team is tougher. But Catana Starks relishes the challenge. At the end of the day, a person’s character is determined by the adversity she faces. Against all odds, Catana Starks takes her underdogs From the Rough and turns them into winners.

The film will be released probably this year. We let you know if we know the exact date.

More video of Tom Felton golfing (and being scared of heights) in Japan

Thanks to @Grace_MYGS, we have new video from @sovjapan of Tom Felton and @JJA_III golfing in Japan a few weeks ago.

You can see Tom and John crossing a very high bridge to get to the next hole, and while Tom takes a picture with his phone, he uses a few choice words to describe the scenery. LOL.

It is also a must to listen closely as he crosses the bridge and sings the tune to “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” Sooo funny!

You can view the video below or go to the site to view it.

Super Six String News: Two new songs from Tom Felton, a new sketch with Paul McCartney and a personal video!

Special people have received via their e-mail today a lovely e-mail newsletter from Six String Productions! Not being special myself (apparently), I didn’t get one somehow, but luckily some amazing superstar girls (@brenduucha, @SaRaHi_C, @CarrieS17, @southernbets, @Amy_Marie97) forwarded it, so I can now share it with you!

First, check out Tom’s personal video:

Then, check out the newsletter:

Welcome to Six String News, February 2011!

Firstly a big thank you to everyone who has supported Six String so far, we really appreciate all the kind words of support and we just want to say we couldn’t do it without you!

Before Christmas we released the very first Six String single by Tom Felton “If You Could Be Anywhere” and the reaction was overwhelming to say the least. It was a brand new version different to the acoustic versions which some of you may be familiar with from Youtube, this time the songs were recorded in London’s famous Metropolis Studios and with a backing band.

We are excited to say that the next two singles are on their way, we’ll have much more information on this for you very soon, but let’s just say Six String have also met up with some more exciting new artists and look forward to sharing some more great music with you all in the very near future!

In other exclusive news, Tom recently filmed a sketch with Paul McCartney and James Corden for Red Nose Day which is very funny, so look out for that coming very soon! Tom was absolutely ecstatic at having the opportunity to meet his idol. Also just so you know Tom will be on @sixstringprod twitter for another chat with everyone very soon – we will let you know when that will be.


Thanks again everyone! I know that I for one am so excited about Tom finally getting to meet Paul! Soooo awesome.

Tom Felton to meet children at the Great Ormond Street Hospital today

According to Tom Felton on Twitter, Tom will be heading to Great Ormond Street Hospital today to meet children. We hope the children have a great day!

Check out his Twitter conversation:

Tom Felton: just had a great meeting in town, now on my way to @GreatOrmondSt to meet some new young friends x

GOSH Charity: @TomFelton Looking forward to seeing you Tom. The kids are very, very excited to meet you 🙂 x

Tom Felton: @GreatOrmondSt likewise I’m very excited to meet them too! Hopefully we have some slytherins in today! See you all soon. x

Tara, a fan from Florida: @TomFelton you are going to be just a few blocks away from my flat! Funny. Love that you visit kids. Do they think you’re evil? haha

Tom Felton: @hobbitsies they can do! I’ve had a few little ones burst into tears on me, Hopefully i don’t provoke a similar reaction today! x