First photos of Tom Felton at Supanova / Brisbane

Tom is this weekend at Supanova / Brisbane in Australia and we have now some first photos of him and his fans.


Tom with actress Charisma Carpenter

CLCarpenter1970: This is Tom’s line. OMG!

– and these photos posted Tom on Twitter:

Check this amazing art work I saw today. Very honoured to be the subject of such a talented artist! Thankyou!

Had a cheeky laugh at this to! x

Dan Hartley’s “White Other” with Tom Felton to Show in Seattle and Athens

“White Other” has been accepted to screen at the ATHENS INTERNATIONAL FILM AND VIDEO FESTIVAL in Athens, Ohio, and at the SEATTLE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (SIFF) in Seattle, Washington.

Athens Fest takes place April 22-28, and is directly one week after the films screening in Nashville, Tennessee where “White Other” is scheduled to be shown on both April 16th and 19th as part of its Shorts Program. SIFF runs May 25 – June 12, with “White Other” to be shown exclusively during its annual ShortsFest Weekend of May 27-30.

If anyone is able to make either festival, please let us know in a comment below.

For the most current updates on Tom’s film “White Other” please check out the films Facebook page or Twitter.