Photo of Tom Felton with Laura from Who’s Jack Magazine

As we reported here, Tom will do an interview and a photoshoot with the Who’s Jack Magazine. Thanks @whosjackmag we have now a photo from the interview, which he gave Laura from the magazine on 21st January.  The issue with him out will be out on 1st February.

Here’s a pic of Laura interviewing Tom Felton on Friday for all you Tom fans

Booyah! Summary of Tom Felton’s @SixStringProd chat: Tom hints at new film, says he likes Twilight, names his favorite McFly boy

Hi everyone! Thanks so much to amazing and lovely MonicaBega for compiling Tom’s @SixStringProd fan chat! I’m so sorry it took me so long to post – let’s just say it’s been a crazy weekend.

But, let’s get to the interview. Congrats to all those who had questions answered! 🙂

hello! or shall i say booyah? … probably not! here we go! thanks for coming on, and thanks for the questions love @tomfelton x (from @SixStringProd)

Q: Are you going to do more cameos like the one on Get him to the Greek? @SixStringProd @TomFelton (from @HelenaSoufi)
A: @HelenaSoufi i would love to! i had such a great day doing it, Jonah was fantastic to work with, Judd Apatow films are some of my best ones

Q: @SixStringProd @tomfelton With whom would you like to do a song :)? (from@lindriina)
A: @lindriina @tomfelton right now @edsheeran hopefully we will do something in the future…i’m going to keep asking him anyway lol

Q: @SixStringProd @tomfelton DO YOU LIKE TWILIGHT. (from @CroixLestrange)
A: @CroixLestrange @tomfelton yes i really enjoy the films and i think the casting of Robert and Kristen couldn’t be better! They are fantastic

Q: @SixStringProd would come to Mexico as Tom Felton to give a concert??? would someday make a tour of Mexico? I LOVE YOUR MUSIC <3 (from @RenataaM)
A: @RenataaM I would love to come back, i was only there for 4 days and everyone second i felt so welcomed! such great people and great times

Q: @SixStringProd This isn’t a question, but it’s my 18th birthday today and I was wondering if you could greet me? 🙂 (from @daltonwarblers)
A: @daltonwarblers of course! Happy 18th! I still feel 18 sorta! Have a great day

Q: @SixStringProd what do you do on weekends? (from @McFlySupporters)
A: @McFlySupporters play golf, go to the cinema, spend time with friends and family, go out for dinner, all normal boring things really!

Q: @SixStringProd @tomfelton never see you around anymore, saw you a couple of years ago at my local village fair lol, where have you been? (from @Louise2451994)
A: @Louise2451994 haha i’m still around, been out of the uk a lot but love the village fairs so will always go if i’m in the country, tom x

Q: @SixStringProd how does your hair feel after dying it bleach blonde for so long? <3 (from @Turtleexo)
A: @Turtleexo its getting better slowly! i don’t think it cud of lasted another year! i need to invest in some hairtreatments i think lol tom x

Q: @SixStringProd *brain freeze* Any current favorite TV shows? (From @Beetrix)
A: @Beetrix_ i’m loving modern family! have you seen it? tom x

Q: @SixStringProd who is your celebrity crush? (from @Nao_Takahashi)
A: @Nao_Takahashi megan fox! who is yours? tom x

Q: @SixStringProd Where is your favourite / ultimate holiday destination ? (from @AliciaMegan)
A: @AliciaMegan_ hawaii, every day i want to go back to maui! looking to try skiing soon though, hopefully i will get on ok! tom x

Q: @SixStringProd I’m majoring in Theatre. Do you have any advice for someone wanting to go into the movie business but not as an actor? (from @Bearkat2013)
A: @Bearkat2013 start as a runner and work hard and you will work yourself up! enjoy it too! love tom x

Q: @SixStringProd Congrats on your first live performance in Japan! How was it? 😀 (from@DracoMalfoy_jp)
A: @DracoMalfoy_jp it was quite scary but it felt good after! everyone was very kind so that helped a lot! love tom x

Q: @SixStringProd The other I was watching HP6, once again, and realized you should wear suits more often. Looks good on you! (from @_Syb)
A: @_Syb thank you! i did love that black draco suit! i wanted to take it home after we finished! love tom x

Q: @SixStringProd who is your favorite guy in McFLY? HAHAHAHAHA x (from @lookatmari)
A: @lookatmari i think i have to say Tom seeing as he has such a great name! lol! tom x

Q: @SixStringProd what is your favorite food! (from@cactussanchez)
A: @cactussanchez hmmm burgers! or pizza! simple food really lol but i’m branching out slowly, i like thai and japanese now, tom x

Q: @SixStringProd will you now focus more on movies or music? (from @madalene)
A: @madalene movies as my main focus, but music is a huge passion hobby that i spend a lot of the day listening to and playing, tom x

Q: @SixStringProd what are you planning to do in your 24th birthday? (from @cactussanchez)
A: @cactussanchez not too sure yet! i like very low key celebrations, so probably dinner with friends! tom x

Q: @SixStringProd What is your favorite place in the entire world? (from @nicconicco)
A: @nicconicco at the moment it is maui in hawaii, but i still have a lot of travelling to do before i know for sure! what is yours? tom x

Q: @sixstringprod what is your favorite thing about interacting with fans on twitter? (from @JennySchubert)
A: @JennySchubert i love being able to speak to everyone,i feel very thankful to have such a great following &everyone has interesting replies!

Q: @SixStringProd How is Timber? i miss her pics! (from @TomFeltonBrasil)
A: @TomFeltonBrasil timbers is fantastic! i will take her on a long walk later! tom x

Q: @SixStringProd what’s your favorite pizza topping? (from @christa232)
A: @christa232 pepperroni everytime! i tend not to be adventurous! what is yours? tom x

Q: @SixStringProd Tom, which is your favourite HP book? (from @HarryPotterish)
A: @HarryPotterish half blood prince! what is yours? tom x

Q: @SixStringProd What’s your favorite color? (from @Raibean)
A: @Raibean i’d probably say blue! what is yours? X

Q: @SixStringProd @TomFelton What inspired you to write If I Could Be anywhere?I just love that music (from @theDarkHeir)
A: @theDarkHeir thank you, glad you like it! people in my life inspire my songs! tom x

Q: @SixStringProd Tom, what’s the craziest thing a fan has done for you? And how would it be topped? Lol, jk! 😉 (from@magzct)
A: @magzct getting a tattoo of my signature on their arm! i couldn’t believe it and almost felt responsible! thanks tom x

Q: @sixstringprod @TomFelton have you decided what you’re wearing to deathly hallows part 2 premiere? 🙂 <3 (from@lollenftw)
A: @lollenftw i haven’t yet! normally i leave it right up to the day before, typical guy! thanks tom x

Q: @SixStringProd @tomfelton Do you like to go out in you’re free time. Like to a club or something? (from @Ansgirl)
A: @Ansgirl i don’t particularly like clubs! i prefer quieter thinks like being round friends houses, r going out to eat,or to the cinema!tom x

Q: @SixStringProd D’you have plans for the weekend? (from @woodynossaur)
A: @woodynossaur yes i have my friends bday and my friends engagement! so lets of celebrations and a busy weekend! do you? tom x

Q: @SixStringProd I’m going to be at the premiere in July, can’t wait to see you there! 😀 (from @morsmordre)
A: @morsmordre__ look forward to seeing you too! hope the weather is good! tom x

Q: @SixStringProd what’s your favorite drink? (from @cactussanchez)
A: @cactussanchez definitely coke! you can’t beat coke and ice! what is yours? tom x

Q: @SixStringProd If u could be any animal.. What would u be? 🙂 xx (from @MizzEmma91)
A: @MizzEmma91 i was having this conversation yesterday! i said a koala! tom x

Q: @SixStringProd Which season do you like the most?:) (from @R1117)
A: @R1117 summer! so i can play golf more and take my dog on longer walks! and london is great when the suns out! tom x

Q: @SixStringProd do you have a game console? And your favorite game? (from @AndaSoetenggi)
A: @AndaSoetenggi playing lots of xbox lately! tom x

Q: @SixStringProd: If You could be anywhere where would You be? (from @ThomasFeltonUK)
A: @ThomasFeltonUK i’m not too sure really! i like quite a few places, especially the historical parts! windsor castle! tom x

Q: @SixStringProd would you rather have a ELEPHANT SIZED DOG OR DOG SIZED ELEPHANT? :):) please reply x (from @caseyhehpanda)
A: @caseyhehpanda haha great question! a dog sized elephant! tom x

Q: @SixStringProd @tomfelton how do you feel now without blond hair? HAHAH 🙂 italy loves you! Xx (from @IloveTFelton)
A: @ILoveTFelton i feel like a normal person again and not like a light bulb in the streets! i love italy too, tom x

Q: @SixStringProd What latest movie you see? (from @mickey_me_u)
A: @mickey_me_u love and other drugs, anna hathaway was beautiful in it! want to see black swan next, thanks tom x

Q: @SixStringProd Do you prefer large dogs or the small ones? (from @Turtleexo)
A: @Turtleexo large dogs! although i do get a soft spot for small ones too! tom x

Q: @SixStringProd I saw this interview and wondered if you ever got to see A very Potter Musical? It’s great! 🙂 much love from Peru! (@kath_polo)
A: @kath_polo yes i did see it, it was very very good lol! tom x

Q: @SixStringProd what are you most excited to do this year? (from @alexahong)
A: @alexahong work on more films and see the hp part 2! it is going to be incredible! very excited, tom x

Q: @SixStringProd Do you like Starbucks? (from @Ec3h)
A: @Ec3h i like their hot chocolate but last time i ordered it they gave me a coffee by mistake and i only realised once i was in the car!tom x

why does the computer always seem to be slower when u need it to be faster!! sorry i am trying to not miss any! tom x (from @SixStringProd)

Q: @SixStringProd Where is your fav golf course?? (from @DracoMalfoy_jp)
A: @DracoMalfoy_jp there was one that myself rupert james and oli played on in orlando that was fantastic!! slightly too hot though! tom x

Q: @SixStringProd Tea or coffee ? (from @russian749)
A: @russian749 tea! drinking one now! although its gone luke warm so isn’t great, tom x

Q: @SixStringProd have you seen Burlesque? What did you think of it? I loved it 😀 (from @JBsSexretary)
A: @JBsSexretary i haven’t seen it! lots of films on my to see list, i’ll add it on, thanks tom x

Q: @SixStringProd do you have any upcoming film where you won’t be the bad guy anymore? (from @plumprunes)
A: @plumprunes i do indeed! one that i will fingers crossed start in april! thanks tom x

Q: @SixStringProd you’ve been missing me since you started chatting with everyone 🙁 what’s the best thing about being an actor? (from @marisantos06)
A: @marisantos06 travelling, meeting great people, learning new things everyday! it can be a lot of fun! thanks tom x

Q: @SixStringProd Any plans to see Dan Radcliffe in his Broadway show in a couple of months? Do you like the theater? (from @breezy253)
A: @breezy253 yes i do! would love to go and see him so will hopefully make plans too, tom x

Q: @SixStringProd did you enjoy being the bad guy? (from @JUSTaboutBIEBS)
A: @JUSTaboutBIEBS i do indeed! people are so surprised when you’re nice it works in your advantage! thanks tom x

Q: @sixstringprod if you ever did a cover of a song, what would it be? (from @TomFeltonEU)
A: @TomFeltonEU probably a beatles one!! tom x

Q: @SixStringProd, do you like The Killers? ILY TOM <3 (from @pixielikes)
A; @pixielikes i do! some of their songs are on my ipod! tom x

Q: @Sixstringprod what do you plan on doing since hp is over other than music? (from @mel_beliebs)
A: @mel_beliebs plan on working on more films and continuing acting, i’d also like to do some writing and directing one day! tom x

Q: @SixStringProd what book would you suggest me to read? It has to be good for an italian january day! love <3 (from @HeyItsJuliaR)
A: @HeyItsJuliaR colour of law is a very good book! try that! tom x

Q: @sixstringprod How’d you like Vancouver this summer? (from @debchaya)
A: @debchaya i loved it! wish i could go back soon, it was a great place to film, tom x

Q: @SixStringProd What’s your favorite thing for breakfast (from @kelseycantdance)
A: @kelseycantdance pancakes with chocolate chips! although i’ve had so many lately i need a bit of a break lol tom x

Q: @SixStringProd You’re still here!!! Are you still interested in Grace and Danger if/when they get it off the ground? (from @Razzberry2)
A: @Razzberry2 of course, the script and project is very interesting! tom x

Q: @SixStringProd What do you think of Converse shoes? I just got a pair yesterday, love them! 🙂 xoxo. (from @Samantha_lynn96)
A: @samantha_lynn96 i wear them all the time! very comfy except when it gets wet they haven’t been so good! tom x

Q: @SixStringProd What do you miss the most about being on set of harry potter? (from @cyrsxoxo4life)
A: @cyrsxoxo4life i miss seeing a lot of the crew! i miss my daily bfast, i had the same thing every day! i miss the drive there and back too!

Q: @SixStringProd do you like pizza? (from @valcheng)
A: @valcheng love it! often go to pizza express for one! thanks tom x

Q: @SixStringProd Who’s the most playful cast member? (from @BelleOfSummer)
A: @BelleOfSummer dan and rupert are a lot of fun!

Q: @SixStringProd What are your plans, movies, events for the upcoming year? Anything you can hint at or reveal? (from @feltbeats)
A: @feltbeats ooo always digging! gotta love feltbeats! i have a film set for april…details to be revealed (fingers crossed)

Q: @SixStringProd can you tell me what activities that you alwayas do when you bored?? (from @riakumara)
A: @riakumara playing the guitar! scrabble! lots of golf! watching films, thanks tom x

Q: @SixStringProd Do you like Coldplay? <3 (from @whereispo)
A: @whereispo yes i do! they have some great tunes! tom x

Q: @SixStringProd What sort of desserts do you like? Do you have a sweet tooth? 🙂 (from @emilytcutler)
A: @emilytcutler chocolate ice cream! yes i have such a sweet tooth! tom x

Q: Any new movie in the works? VERY curious about this @SixStringProd (from @littleseverus)
A: @littleseverus yes there is indeed but there isn’t a lot i can say just yet! i will do soon though! thanks tom x

Q: @SixStringProd have you ever written a song for Jade? <3 ;) (from @veristaserum)
A: @veritaserum_ i’d say most of them are! thanks tom x

Q: @SixStringProd What did you ate at lunch today? hahaha xx (from @GiuGranchi)
A: @GiuGranchi burger king lol

Q: @SixStringProd Do you take a walk with Timber? everyday? I love dogs! (from @yu_xxx0922)
A: @yu_xxx0922 yes everyday! i love it! tom x

Q: @SixStringProd I try again xD Have you ever been in Milan? Italy loves you ! 😀 (from @VikjReset)
A: @VikjReset no i have never been but hopefully one day i will! i went to sicily recently and it was great! tom x

Q: @SixStringProd how many brothers do you have? (from @CLEOOx5A)
A: @CLEOOx5A i have 3 brothers! i’m the youngest! tom x

Q: @SixStringProd @GiuGranchi I don’t know Tom… maybe losing stuff is your bad habit! (from @SouthernBets)
A: @SouthernBets @GiuGranchi yes losing stuff! i am so forgetful! and i always loose things! thanks tom x

Q: @SixStringProd pizza or hamburguer? 🙂 hahaha xx (from @vicsayshi)
A: @vicsayshi both lol thanks tom x

Q: @sixstringprod what’s your favourite Chocolate flavour? 🙂 (from@Snookerprincess)
A: @Snookerprincess milk chocolate whats yours? tom x

I’m so sorry guys! I have to go! thank you SO much for the questions, i’m SO sorry i couldn’t answer everyone, i loved chatting to you all (from @SixStringProd)

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