The Knight Bus Arrives At Warner Bros. Studio Tour London-The Making Of Harry Potter

The Knight Bus Arrives At Warner Bros. Studio Tour London-The Making Of Harry Potter

In a Press Release earlier today, Warner Bros. Studio Tour London-The Making Of Harry Potter announced that the Knight Bus, featured in Prisoner Of Azkaban, is the latest addition to the tour. The tour of Leavesden opens March 31st, 2012.

Thursday 26th January:  The iconic, triple decker Knight Bus today rolls into Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter, which opens 31st March 2012. Taking its place among the many authentic sets, props and costumes from the eight Harry Potter films, the Knight Bus debuted in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban™ and was one of the most complicated pieces to create in the production.


John Richardson, Special Effects Supervisor, said: “The Knight Bus was not a CGI Creation as many people thought but in fact a real-life working bus. It was constructed by cutting up two iconic Routemaster buses, reworking the structure and bolting it all back together to provide one bus with three decks. One interesting challenge that arose during the shooting of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was that we could not drive the vehicle across London due to the number of low bridges in and around the capital.  This meant that we had to transport the bus in two pieces between locations and put it back together as required for filming.”

Want to visit Leavesden and see where our favorite Slytherin, Tom Felton spent 10 magical years filming 8 iconic films? Book your tickets here!

Win Tickets To The Worldwide Premiere Of The Woman In Black!

Win Tickets To The Worldwide Premiere Of The Woman In Black!

This is not directly Tom related, but it does involve TomsFriendDan, as Daniel Radcliffe is affectionately referred to by the Feltforce. Momentum Pictures will be having a costume contest for the best dressed fans in attendance at tommorows WIB Red Carpet Premiere at the Royal Festival Hall.

Momentum Pictures today announced a competition to win a pair of tickets to the World Premiere of The Woman In Black on January 24th and watch the film alongside cast members and celebrity guests.

To enter, those who come down to the Worldwide Premiere at the Royal Festival Hall dressed in their own interpratation of The Woman In Black will gain access to a special VIP area of the Red Carpet

The two best dressed fans will be selected from the crowd to win the prize!

Fan Pens open at 4pm and are located at The Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre, Belvedere Rd. London SE1 8XX will also be in attendance at the premiere represented by our very own artist extrordinaire @Rotae. We look forward to her report :)

Multiple Fansites Get Together To Send Tom Felton Around The World!

Multiple Fansites Get Together To Send Tom Felton Around The World!

Well, sort of…… Flat Tom that is.

Flat Tom is here and he wants to go on a journey with you!

This project will be open for all fans who want to participate. As the whole word will be involved, this will be the first Fan Project done by more than just one fan site.

Together with TomFeltonEU and TomFeltonBrasil we want to start a huge and funny interactive “game” for all of you.

Flat Tom is just a picture on some paper with a stick to hold it, but it can be much more together with you and a sight of your home town.

The main idea is to send Tom around the world. Every Fan is welcome to join, but please read the rules before entering, because without rules it won’t work!

Main Rules

As soon as Tom is with you, you have 5 days to shoot a picture with him and send him to the next person

To keep overview where Tom is and where to send him next, we need an email of you as soon as you receive him AND when you sent him to the next person

As soon as we receive your email about having Tom, we will send you the details of the next person on our list

If Tom needs a repair or such, it’s your duty to take care of this as much as possible. For example: Putting new paper on his bag, taking a new envelope for sending or such.

As we can’t pay postage for all of you, please keep in mind that you will have to pay the postage for sending Tom to the next fan by yourself

You will receive an alert as soon as Tom is with the person above you on the list. If you don’t receive Tom within 7 days or he is broken, please email as soon as possible and we will send a new one to you!

It’s a duty to send Tom to other fans! We always know where he is, and we won’t be amused if someone keeps him and spoils the fun!

Picture Rules

As this is a special project we really want special pictures. This means NO pictures of you and Tom in your living room or such, but pictures at a nice place. Best is of course a well known sight or if you don’t have something like that close to you, at least a picture in the nature.

Please add your name (Twitter as well if available) and the place the pic was shot to your email when you send the picture

How to enter the project?

This is easy. As our sites are based in different parts of the world , each Fan site is sending one flat Tom around in his continent. This will also help you to save some postage 😉

So depending on your home town, please send an email including your Name and address to:

Europe: (TomFeltonEU)

Asia: (TomFeltonEU)

USA/Canada: (Feltbeats)

South/Middle America:

Australia/New Zealand: (Feltbeats)

Africa: (Feltbeats)

Once your picture is done, please send it to the same address (see above)!

Help Change The Lives Of Children In Zimbabwe!

Help Change The Lives Of Children In Zimbabwe! will be holding a Charity Fundraiser in celebration of  Tom Felton’s 10 years playing Slytherin Bad Boy Draco Malfoy. Over the next six months, we will be collecting donations for the newest charity near and dear to Tom’s heart. Inspired by the documentary, “Zimbabwe’s Forgotten Children”  Here’s more info from the filmakers:

Since making the film Zimbabwe’s Forgotten Children – we have been able to help the children featured. But they are among many thousands of children in desperate need of an EDUCATION. For £2.50 per month or £30.00 per year you can pay for a child’s school fees for an entire year in Zimbabwe.

Tom has put out the plea for fans of his to help take these children out of the work force and into the classroom. This is where you come in.

After more than a decade of portraying the Slytherin Ice Prince on the big screen, Tom Felton will give his final performance as his alter ego, Draco Malfoy, in July 2011 when Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II arrives in theaters around the globe.  As a thank you to Tom, and a proper send-off of Draco, we at are conducting a fundraiser for one of Tom’s favorite charities, Zimbabwe’s Forgotten Children.

 Each month, we will be collecting donations at . Just Giving is a non-profit agency that collects donations and submits them directly to the charity every 25 days. On the 5th of each month, will draw names from the doners the previous month to win special related goodies, culminating with the final draw on Draco Malfoy’s 31st Birthday! In July, members will be in London  presenting a celebratory check to the Zimbabwechildren.orgs offices listing the total raised for this life changing charity. When thinking of donating this holiday season, and beyond,  please keep the children of Zimbabwe in your hearts.

Tom Felton On TMZ

Tom Felton On TMZ

It has come to our attention that TMZ caught up with Tom Felton walking in LA today.

Supposedly @tomfelton was on tmz just now. Anyone see it? Or better yet, have a recording? What was he doing?:) @tmzonline

RT @miss_mandy25: @feltbeats they ask him if he’ll be in a porno based on Potter and what he’s up to next Tom says “bigger n better things”

TMZ is shown locally in syndication so check your local listings. We hope to have video of his appearance as soon as possible!


UPDATE: Here’s the video:


Thanks to SpectraLynn for re-upload it to YouTube.

Thanks to Angela for the tip!

Universal Orlando Joins Forces With USA Today For A Sneak Peek At WWoHP

Universal Orlando Joins Forces With USA Today For A Sneak Peek At WWoHP

On January 28, Universal Orlando Resort and USA TODAY, the nation’s top-selling print newspaper, will partner to provide the first-ever augmented reality map of the world’s most highly anticipated theme park experience – The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Resort. With just a computer, webcam and the newspaper, you can make this one-of-a-kind theme park experience appear before your eyes.

Augmented Reality blends real-life environments with computer animation allowing you to explore things in a completely new way. For the first time, guests can explore The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in a unique way – before experiencing it first hand.

By rotating the map, you can take a closer look at this 20-acre magnificently themed environment from all sides and angles. Hogwarts castle will appear before your eyes. Hold the map closer to your webcam and explore Hogsmeade and see the Hogwarts Express. Blow on your computer’s microphone and the banners on the map will wave.

As we have previously reported, Tom Felton has made multiple visits to Universal Orlando to see the progress of the park and will be attending the opening of the WWoHP later this spring.

Be sure to visit on Thursday, January 28, for full instructions on how to enjoy the Augmented Reality experience – and stay up to date on The Wizarding World of Harry Potter by visiting!