Welcome to FeltCast: The one-and-only Tom Felton podcast brought to you by the admins of Feltbeats.com.

In each podcast we will bring you Tom news, a spotlight on something Tom related and some Tom trivia. Fan input is encouraged as we are starting this podcast to satiate the needs of Felton Fans everywhere as well as promote Tom Felton’s image! E-mail us at feltcast@feltbeats.com with any ideas or topics you’d like us to cover.

  • Next Podcast: End of July to Mid August
  • Main Topic: Premiere/Hot Topic Reports

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264 thoughts on “FeltCast

  1. I love how everyone is talking TO Tom. Haha.
    Anyways, you guys need any help with the podcast? Transcripts? Someone to talk? Anything…let me know. I love everything you guys do. =)

    • I shoved the whole egg in my mouth and I can’t swallow properly!! When I tried it split in half and started pinching my tounge. I have to wait for it to melt now.

  2. Hello Tom Felton
    Here is somthing funny of the Norway football team is sow funny you have to see
    They Sing NO No Boy this have to be a stopp,.
    Do not i sweet but eat Frut,

    Look forward to the new Harry Potter film, It sow going to be a blast it sow total Awesome.I am going to see with my Dearest boy Friend that I love, we are sow fan of you,And my boyfriend love horse,And ride them be for the go on for a race.
    From Elisabeth from south of Norway

  3. Oh, man. I </3 you Tom! I wanna say i'm your biggest fan, but i'm probably not. In my head i am tho! 😀

  4. Tom I love you so much im like your biggest FAN !!!!! i actually love watching harry potter because of Draco & i love your songs 🙂 would love to meet you post on twitter when your Glasgow if you ever are 😀 love you xx <3

  5. Tom I love you so much!!! I can’t even express in words how much I look up to you! You’re such a brilliant actor/musician!! I wish I could meet you, it’s my dream!!! 🙂 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  6. Hey Tom ! I’m french and I don’t speak english very well but I can say that I love your music. Your music calms me ans it’s too bad that I can’t download your CD. I don’t find it. I listen on Youtube ! ^^
    An album in France ?
    Good luck for the continuation.

  7. Hi Tom ! I`m German!!My English isn`t verry good!!
    I don`t find your CD in germany!!! I listen on Youtube!!!
    Have you got an album in germany???

    Sabrina 🙂

    • Hi..
      I’m German, too! And my englich isn’t verry well, too!! 😀
      Yeah, Tom you’r wonderfull!!!!
      Every says “I’m your biggest fan”, but not everybody can be your BIGGEST fan…or does it?
      a little bit stupid if you ask me…
      in love Jule !bye!

  8. WOW Tom you’re amazing!Its funny, being from the US, I listen to your songs more than songs written by american singers. You’re great and a true inspiration! My biggest wish is to meet you one day!

  9. Tom u are so hot!! Everyone thinks im crazy and mad 2 say i love u but i do!! U are the best! I dont care what anyone says about anyone else, u are the cutest,the hotest,u are everything 2 me!!! xxxx

  10. Tom, I really do think you are amazing. Meeting you earlier this year at Supanova was the most amazing experience of my life. To not see you behind a screen or on paper was so overwhelming, you are my favourite actor and singer and I just really wanted to let you know that. Thankyou so much. <3 xxxxx.

  11. Im so looking forward to the last Harry Potter but so sad that its coming to an end!!!
    I will still love you forever Tom!! XXXXXXXXX

  12. Heyya Tom! There Is This Girl At School Named ‘Holly’. She Does Everything About You! When We Have A Project To Do About Anything We Like, She Picks Tom Felton, Tom Felton, AND TOM FELTON! Anyway…She Says You Live Near Her ‘Auntie Cara’ And She Really Wants To Meet You! I’d Like To Meet You Too..You’re A Great Guy And I Enjoyed The Harry Potter Films That Are Out. This Sunday (17th July 2011) The Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows:Part 2 IS OUT IN CINEMA’s! I Cant Wait To See It!

    All My Favourite Characters Are There! Except One (Doby). I Hated It When Doby Died! I Was Crying! Anyway..I Hope You Liked Making The Film! Ur My Fav Character! 1.Draco 2.Hermione 3.Ron 4.Harry 5.Jinny. And So On. I Hope You Be A Famous Celebrity Making Great Films Forever!

    All My Love

  13. My friends love him sooooo much!!! so do I. It’s actually cool that he has another movie coming up after Harry Potter…I hope they all do.

  14. does anyone know more about the premiere of planet of the apes in hollywood with Tom Felton???

    and does anyone know where and whene the next “autograph hour” in london or in a country near austria is?!


  15. OMG!!! Seen the last Harry Potter and loved it, i cant get over the fact the its ended. My life is over! LOL 😛
    I love you Tom and always will. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  16. tom!…i really do hope you see this…i am a HUGE fan of yours and you really are my idol….you may play the bad guy in the harry potter series but you are certainly nothing close to his personality in real life!…i would love to meet you!…you really are an inspiration to people to follow their dreams!…you did absolutely amazing in the harry potter series and i can’t wait to watch rising of the apes!…your an amazing person and truely are my idol and inspiration to follow my dreams!…never stop acting and certainly never stop your music!…you have a gift

  17. tom i hope you are reading this!!! you are an awsome actor!!! i have always wanted to be an actor!!! i love your songs!!! i can’t belive that your 22 years old!!! any way im a huge fan of harry potter!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Dear Thomas andrew felton
    i write the poem for you hope you like it

    i belive in sky, i belive in sea
    i belive in distance what between us

    i belive in today, i belive in reality
    i belive in truth but i can change it

    i belive in smile, i belive in laugh
    i belive in tears which fall for you

    i belive in rain, i belive in snow
    i belive in life which i want to spent with you

    u think why i belive so much becuse i belive we belong…

    Tom if you like it please please please reply . i will wait for you reply

  19. im crazy for Helena Bonham carter

  20. Hi! feltbeats, i’m a huge fan of tom and a wish to have a chance to have an autograph from him!!!! i will reaLLY REALLY enjoy to have one, i live very far away and i don’t have posibilities to have an autograph can you help me? PLEASE!!! thank you so much!!

  21. Can’t get over the fact that he is so darn perfect! Love Tom sooo much. I bought loads of Tom Felton stuff like clocks and hoodies and calenders of off eBay… Check it out if you are a true Felton-lover like me!!
    Strum on!

    Izzy x

  22. Tom!Your music is incredible and you are a great actor:)I think you have to act in more movies because all the people will enjoy it!(my english isn’t very well)
    You have to come here to Spain ok??

  23. I must say, most of the comments are about how perfect you are.. however I stride to be a bit different. You are an amazing actor and astonishes me, along with the Harry Potter cast, that you have been an actor since you were young. I have a whole lot of stage fright where I’m stricken. And your voice is simply amazing. Beautiful voice you have. I always have a Slytherin Smirk (Just had to touch up on Harry Potter…)when I listen to your songs! I actually even though this is a bit horrible, always wanted to be a Death Eater and my wand is a Classic Death Eater wand. Ironic.

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