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  1. Tom you probably aren’t going to read this, but i want you to know that i actually do love you and your singing and your acting and well your everything i you are amazing and deserve everything you want. Not many people can be as amazing as you and still be nice and kind as you. cough*draco*cough have a lovely life:)

  2. Tom you probably aren’t going to read this, but i want you to know that i actually do love you and your singing and your acting and well your everything i you are amazing and deserve everything you want. Not many people can be as amazing as you and still be nice and kind as you. cough*draco*cough have a great life:)

  3. Tom you’re my biggest idol, I would like to meet you so much .. it would be my biggest dream! if I were you I would be hours before watching you!
    I would like to at least spend a day close to you .. I hope that my dream will come true

    • OMG. Words cannot express how big a fan I am of you. Me and my friends are trying desperately hard to get a glimpse of you at one of your public events. I know you probably won’t read this, but if you replied it would make a dream come true. However if you do read this, I want you to know,that you have loads of fans (obviously) and that we all love you, Tom! You are my total idol and favourite actor of all time and that includes Alan Rickman.

  4. You probably wont read this, Im writing with this crazy hope but whatever. You’re one of those really rare stars who are unfailingly polite even after being so annoyingly amazing. You’re this guitar-playin’ string-pickin’ song-writin’ hair-flippin’ amazing-actin’ guy <3 You already have a hundred thousand girls queuing in after you (: I'm just another wide-eyed girl who's desperately in love with you. You're not gonna reply, I know. You probably wont even read this. But Thomas Andrew Felton, you mean the world to me. You really do. I'd take a bullet for you. I really honestly would. Anyways. Im talking to walls here. Still. Just thought I'd say it out loud. I love you. And you're a beautiful person. I loathed Draco Malfoy sometimes (which only just goes to show you played him so well (: ) but I was always in love with Tom Felton:) If that's alright with you, I'll be on my way now. 😉 Please reply to me if you read this. I'd take a printout of that email and frame it on my wall. 😀 I love you so much. Take care..you're the best.

  5. Tom you are the hottest guy i have ever seen. You probably wont read this but i want to meet you so bad. I love you. I have seen everything you are in from Harry Poter to Belle. You have an amazing talent and hopefully you will come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Hopefully one day my dream will come true and we can meet. You are amazing! Love and Prayers, Olivia

  6. Hi, Tom! I am from Belarus, hope you’ve heard about this country :)) and i am 24. Forgive my language in advance (since my mothertoung is russian))) Don’t know if it’s appropriate to write this here, but…Lately i’ve been watching Murder in the First and i was really impressed by your acting. I’m really proud of you because I suppose that this role was not so easy to play… you know…all those embarrassing moments… or words… :). I admire your acting in this project. I even tried to act something by myself and was so inspired by my unexpected success that I decided to work on this :)) Well, I also can say that you are good at singing and playing guitar and your songs are very nice and bright, so, come up! I just wanted to say these words to you. May be one day we’ll see each other and then i’ll tell you in person that you are a good actor. Or may be one day you’ll see me on the big screen and exclaim: “that’s my girl!” (it’s a joke) ;)) So, see you!

  7. hello, Tom, I come from China, I 14 middle school.. China is a beautiful city, there is the Great Wall, imperial palace, such as the world famous ancient buildings. I live in shandong province, weifang. Kite meeting held there. Loved by Chinese and foreign

  8. Tom, you are probably never going to read this ,but I wanted to leave you a message. I hope you know what a great actor you are. I love your character of Draco Malfoy in all of the Harry Potter films. I had just finished watching Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and I’m sorry, but you deserved to die there. You are also extremely funny, and I probably sound extremely cliche saying this, but hot. I hope you have a great acting career and play more pranks on Rupert.

  9. Hi tom…I am Elham…I am from Iran… And I love u about 2 year ago…I want your email or your number… Please talk with me…I want to be your girlfriend…!
    Bye my wonderful prince…be with me my blue eyes…you are so handsome…kiss for your beautiful lips from me…:-* <3 @):-

  10. If anybody reads this, I am a 10 year old Harry Potter fan, and stalker of Tom Felton. It is not creepy. I have been searching the web for TF’s address for half an hour and only found it in London, but I know you’re staying in LA with your girlfriend and your dog, Timber. (Found an article, not there! I’m in a different state!) There are two questions I’d like to be in your next interview, 1) What hotel are you staying in? 2) Will you marry me? All for now! #PLEASEREAD!!!!!

  11. Hello, dear Tom! I think, that You are the best actor for me and also for lots of your fans. Russia loves you and me loves you too!
    P. S. I know, that you won’t read it, but I also want to do it.

  12. Hey Tom! I’m from Canada and I just want to say thank you. You bring a smile to my face every time any of my friends mentions your name and HP. Recently I’ve been going under a lot of stress but then I came across your songs and everything just disappeared. I needed that, thank you very much! You bring me up from the lows of my life and you don’t even know how much I appreciate that! I love you, you majestic being you!! <3 By the way, I think you are an amazing actor (if that means much to you) and I wish you luck in landing more roles in movies! You're just so great! I believe in you! <3 <3 xoxoxoxo

  13. You are a very good actor and I’m regretting that I can’t find more films with you. You have talent and this is good that you use this 🙂 good job!

  14. Hello I just want you to know that your music touches my heart when I listen to it and also you’re a very great actor I happy to say that I do not stalk you like other people do

  15. you take me to a different world. hey btw it’s ur fault that i fancy draco! you’re very good looking, have a gorgeous voice, and you’re an AMAZING actor!!!

  16. Youre amazing i dont knkw if youre going to read this but i love the way you sing and your voice is breathtaking. I loved you as draco malfoy and i love you as tom felton. Youre so compassionate about everything you do its inspiring. Love ya

  17. Oh my goodness! I am your biggest fan! I k ow you probably hear that a lot. My little two year old self had a big crush on you when I watched the Harry Potter series the first time! And I still maybe do a little. Anyyyyway… I don’t believe you will read this but I truely love your music and I am writing some of my own!! Have a lovely day

  18. Hii tom. I am R. K. from India… I don’t know will you read it or not. But still I am big of all the things you do acting singing and all. Hope One day in my life I will meet you..

  19. Hi Tom! My name is kiaura and Ik there is a very high chance you won’t read this but I wanted to say hello, and I love you so much! You are my inspiration for like everything I do! You are a big reason why I want to be an actress❤ I hope maybe I’ll get to meet you one day!!

    • So excited to hear more music your music always puts me in the happiest of moods! I love to sing myself and thank you btw for being such an amazing person❤❤

  20. Hi tom you probably aren’t going to read this but I think you are awesome but my dad thinks you and your’e character draco malfoy are neards. I think you are awesome. My favorite movie that you are in is feed .Its very sad and it reminds me of my brother his name is also Matt .Me and Matt love watching it together. If you read this thanks for reading it because most actors just don’t pay attention to my comments ☺☺

  21. Hi Tom. My name is Zarina and I’m from the Fiji Islands in the Pacific. I love your acting and music. I got sorted into Gryffindor on Pottermore but my friends think at I’m a Slytherin. I feel the pain. Hope you come to the Fiji.
    Luv u

  22. lol no idea what I’m doing here really but since i am, i am going to say hi 🙂 everybody goes on about draco malfoy but i think you are more talented than just that role. no matter what anyone says, you keep being yourself and doing what you love. wishing you happiness. love from australia 🙂

  23. I have no idea where the years gone went yet I know that it’s time well spent knowing Tom’s music. Never forget your guitar Tom

  24. I can imagine him turning 60 and still veiling called Malfoy!!!! It’s a part of you…

    Tom: “my father will hear about this”

  25. Tom ich bin ein sehr großer Fan von dir . Deine Rolle in Harry Potter (Draco Malfoy) mag ich auch sehr . Es wäre ein Wunder wenn du das hier liest obwohl du bestimmt besseres zu tun hast .
    Herzliche Grüße aus Germany – Berlin von deiner Michelle Hentschel!

  26. Hey umm just wanted to let you know that you’re my idol and I look up to you and you music and acting. I hope someday I can be as awesome as you are, and maybe even get to meet you.

    • i agree! Tom you are amazing and like one of the only people i look up to! you are the person i watch or listen to when im down and im sure that’s the same for a lot of people! i know your my hero along with so many others hero so thank you 🙂
      -all the love HRF

  27. hi tom! I know there is a very high chance you’ll never see this nor reply to it (if you did that be a dream come true…. well besides meeting you, if i ever did I’d probably pass out) anyways i wanted to say hi and that i hope you have one hell of an amazing week! you deserve it! btw i also would like to say that you are a bloody brilliant actor and singer! hope all is well for you! oh and i wish your family the best! maybe someday my dream of meeting you will come true…. im trying to become an actress so possibly one day ill get to work with you! even though i don’t think it will happen but im still hoping! anyways i think this is a little long and i doubt you even have the time to read this so…
    -all the love HRF

  28. Tom,
    No matter where you go in your career; I’ll always support you. Cheesy to say, but you were my first acting crush. My grandmother got me ‘the borrowers’ when I was 3ish, and since then I been smitten. Well, enough of that. I send you the best of wishes and reassurance on your crazy journey through life.
    -Bella Anna

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