Welcome to the FeltShop! On this page we will feature Feltbeats.com merchandise of all sorts. Wear them happily to promote the site and all things Tom Felton!

NOTE: Any small amount of proceeds received from the merchandise will go towards upkeep and promotion of the site. Sale of Feltbeats.com t-shirts have been OK’d by Tom Felton.

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  1. Please do a Gig around the southwest soon! I would pay loads to come see you, I went to London to see you at the Harry Potter Premiere it was Amazing and you signed my draco t-shirt!! you deserve everything you get you are an amzing person !! and I am honured to be your fan!!! xxxxx

  2. tom is brilliant actor and singer. I went to see the first 3 Harry Potter movies in London. Your role as draco malfoy was amazing! =•)

  3. He is amazing! I would enjoy being in Hawaii with him 😉 I hope one day I would get to see him, if he does come near New York, preferably New Jersey? To see Jersey Shore? LOL!
    Love you Tom! <3 🙂

  4. tom!…i really do hope you see this…i am a HUGE fan of yours and you really are my idol….you may play the bad guy in the harry potter series but you are certainly nothing close to his personality in real life!…i would love to meet you!…you really are an inspiration to people to follow their dreams!…you did absolutely amazing in the harry potter series and i can’t wait to watch rising of the apes!…your an amazing person and truely are my idol and inspiration to follow my dreams!…never stop acting and certainly never stop your music!…you have a gift 🙂

  5. Tom you are amazing at acting and singing, i’ve watched all harry potter films and you are by far my favourite character and actor. I wish i could have been at the premier in london to see you but i couldnt make it 🙁
    maybe one day i’ll be lucky enough to meet you. i love you tom

  6. please come to somewhere like toronto, ON, Canada or london, ON, Canada or even detroit,michigan, usa. You are an amazing actor and I have loved you since harry potter and the philosophers stone,and your music is amazing. please please :)i would be the happiest person alive if i got to meet you

  7. OMG i love yhoo soo much wish i could meet you when are you going to do another premiere? i’d love to comee! xxxxx <333333333

  8. Tom is my idol. he’s like so hot and a GREAT actor and an amazing singer!!!!!!!!!!!! i <3 him. (if Tom sees this i would like him to come to america) Maybe he could do a tour, or just chiil in NYC with Emma on her break (cuz we all know she does lotsa photo shoots in NYC)

  9. OMG PLEASE PLEASE COME TO LOUISVILLE….KY!!!!!! IT WOULD BE SOOOOO AWESOME TO SEE YOU IN CONCERT!!! (and/or meet you too. ‘cuz you’re awesome) <3 <3 😀

  10. Omg i love u tom felton u r my insperation to become an actor one day! i hope u can come to houston texas one day so i can meet u!!!!

  11. Oh he is the best actor i´ve ever seen in my life!!!
    I hope that one day he comes to german !
    germanys biggest Felton fan!
    Love Hanna

  12. Hey Tom I think I’m coming to see you in Toronto soon I cant wait!!! dont Judge me when I faint infront of you though I’m a huge fan and cant go a second without saying I love you!! you rock <3 😀

  13. Tom, you should come to Maine! Or somewhere around here like New Hampshire or Boston. I would love to see you! Let alone meet you. You’re a brilliant actor, definitely my favorite. And an amazing singer. I love your accent! <3

  14. OMG I LOVE TOM FELTON! I cried when the apes hurt him in rise of the planet of the apes. I get butterflies when he does a tweet on twitter. I cant wait till supanova next year so i can meet him..FINALLY! Is it for sure he is going in 2012??? I HOPE SO! ILY ILY ILY TOM FELTON!!! <3 <3 <3 XOXOXOXOXO I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH! YOUR SOOO HOT!!

  15. Person that runs this site,
    Thanks for all the wonderful information and merchandise of Tom Felton. He’s a brilliant actor and musician. I’m so excited to see him in The Rise of the Planet of the Apes, especially with his hair not bleached! 18 times? Jeez! But, gotta admit, it made him look much more sinister and fitted the character well. I remember his first role in The Borrowers. What a great actor.

    PS: Make sure you vote for him in the Hottest Male Actor Under 25

  16. ur probably not going to read this but im going to let all my thoughts out… OMG OMG OMG i AM IN LOVE with you!! ur so handsome and talented and i think i would faint if i got to meet u in person. not to brag or anything but i bet i am ur BIGGEST fan!!! i know i don’t have any chance of seeing u because i live in a small town in America but i think my dreams would come true if i did! thnx so much for bringing meaning to true entertainment!!!

  17. Omg huge fan i say rise of the Planet of the Apes and I thought you where great. I’m a huge fan please come to rochester n.y.

  18. i saw rise of the planet of the apes and it was amasing , you are the best actor in the world !!! <3 love youuuu TOOOM !!!! <3

  19. Tom, you are the most amazing person I have ever met! It was such an honor to meet you today at the expo in Canada, and I just died when I got to take a pic with you! I love your music, and I’ve seen everything that you star in, so please keep it up!! You are my insparation! Love you!!

  20. Tom, OMG I can’t belive this but…I’ve Grown up with you when it was your birthday one the 22nd, strange! but your birthday was my birthday! weird right? So when i blowed out my candles I wished for you to turn up on my doorstep. Still chasing that dream, Love you Tom Felton and a happy 24th from me xxx

  21. Tom Felton is my hero i love u tom ur my fav singer, and actor
    i love you soooooo much i hope that one day i get to meet u. i hope your career goes well. i want you to do a gig in or near milton one day! i love u.

    Alyssa i love u!

  22. please come to indonesia. pretty please. you are so -undescribable. imean your probably the only guy i truly love. whenever im with a guy. im always thinking about u. i would love to meet you. if i met you i would probably faint tho. please follow me on twitter @DizzyRAWR i love your songs. my mom won’t let me play them out loud again cuz she thinks its like a drug to me :L so i use haedphones. but i put u on fullblast the whole neighbourhood can hear you. even if you showed the slightest bit of intrest in my comments or tweets. iwill die happy. amen,

  23. It’s a little difficult for me to know what this website says,for the simple reason that I am a Chinese girl.However I want to say,many of my classmates love you,of course inclding me,and we think you will do better after Draco.

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