Happy Birthday, Tom!

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Tom!

  1. That was absolutely adorable. I loved it. *looks at sternly* I want a video for my birthday!!!! LOL But yea, what they said, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOM!!!!!!! I hope it was an awesome possum one! And when I rule the world… um, yeah, just kidding, really… your day, your day. I’ll back off. 😀 ;).

    … and one to grow on! 😉 Have a LOOVLEE day.

  2. can’t believe i didnt see this earlier!
    thank you so much! its very strange for me to see it but its very humbling. thanks for the song(love the guitar), i greatly appreciate everything you do for the site and you did for my birthday. i look forward to a good year so thanks for kicking it off in style
    thanks again to everyone involved, i hope to be more so in the coming year
    love tom x

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  4. HAPPY BDAY TOM! Enjoy your day with family and friends. (Emma too ok, jajaja) well a lot of wishes. Kisses and hugs.
    Elissa. (@elissabpalomo)
    Love you I think you are a sweet guy. A great actor a singer and really love How play the guitar.

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