“Legacy 22” Lyrics

(Spoken) Yeah, Feltbeats.

‘Cause I’m still working on the recipe,
Feltbeats: the legacy,
Grabbing life by the bollocks,
Not someone instead of me.
The death of me,
Is yet to come.
Still feeling next to none,
Let me run on this,
I insist,
You won’t forget me son.

High five,
I won’t forget that I’m alive,
The bar’s not too far,
I’ll do more than just survive.
If I should die before my eyes,
Get the chance to open,
I’ll rest in heaven knowing, 
That this is the realest shit my pen has spoken.

Broken hearts, or die alone,
Time to find a home,
Have a laugh,
With another half,
That I can call my own.
So no more sorries,
Put my worries in a verse,
Read it out,
And realise it really could have been worse.

‘Cause I’m not in a hearse,
Cotching on a floor where Timber sits,
Necked, with a set of frets,
Resting at my fingertips.
Bring the six alive,
Get my mates inside,
Then go meet at young street,
At a hundred a fuckin’ sixty-five.

Don’t let me go, 
You never know what you’ll forget,
There are pieces in the legacy;
A memory you must protect.
‘Cause twenty years from now,
Who knows where we’ll be?
So I’m putting all sorts of thoughts,
Onto a CD.

Like the times that can’t be funner,
Like the barbecues in summer,
If I lost those thoughts,
I’d be like a drum without a drummer.
And I ain’t down,
With a 24 hour frown,
There’s a king of misery,
And fuck him, 
He can keep his crown.

I’ll beat the ground,
Speak a sound,
Of pure simplicity,
Only in the flesh and blood,
Can anyone get rid of me.
A song lives on,
For many years in people’s ears.
I can be long gone,
And people still know my dreams and fears.

Will I find a wife,
And have a daughter and son?
Will I die alone,
With the child count none?
Will I have a number one,
With a song that I picked?
Or will I die of a dilemma,
That I self-inflict?

These are the times,
That put the thoughts aside,
Jump on board the ride,
The sooner you do that,
The sooner you enjoy your life.
Who knows where I’m going?
But I had some fun getting there,
When I’m an old man,
I want to say that I’ve been everywhere.

I’ve seeked up every peak,
Held my breath to every depth,
I’ve sunk to the bunkers,
And I’ve climbed back every step.
Picture this:
F-Beats and family chillin’,
Twenty years from now,
Kicking back,
Happy and willing,
To give every day,
The same attention to all events,
Count my blessings,
Love every lesson that life presents.
To give every day,
The same attention to all events,
Count my blessings,
Love every lesson life presents.

Be chillin’, 
Still willin’,
Living my life,
And I’m still killin’,
Time, with my melodies,
And rhyme.
And that’s what I chose,
To left behind.

(Laughs) Feltbeats!

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