Tom Felton at the Gentleman’s Journal Christmas Party

Tom Felton attended The Gentleman’s Journal Christmas Party in London on Wednesday night.

The event took place at the venue Wild by Tart, a restaurant and bar in upmarket Belgravia, which had been given a Christmassy makeover.

with Ellen Francis Gibbons with Harry Jarman

sources: The Gentleman’s Journal, Getty Images, Rex, Weibo

Video & Photos of Tom Felton at German Comic Con Dortmund

Tom Felton was at the German Comic Con in Dortmund last weekend..

Here are some photos from the weekend and a video of the panel from Sunday.

photo credit: German Comic Con & Markus Wissmann / Alamy Stock Photo

Tom’s photos from the German Comic Con

with Troian Bellisario
Lovely to run into my sister from another Mr you were missed @docdanger @cliffordmurray

with Tammin Sursok
ou were missed too sir @seanmcewen

with Bai Ling
I worked with Bai Ling when I was 10 years old. In Malaysia. 22 years ago. Today reunited #AnnaandtheKing

photo by Tammin Sursok :

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Sixty Seconds with Tom via Metro Newspaper UK

Tom was recently interviewed by Metro Newspaper UK on a variety of topics including his new film Ophelia, Emma Watson, whether he would play Draco again, and his upcoming roles.

Excerpts from the interview are below, and you can read the full article here.

So what’s your new film Ophelia about?

It’s a retelling of Hamlet through the eyes of Ophelia. The language is somewhere between old and new, which I think really helps brings a whole new audience to Shakespeare without them feeling like they’ve got to check the dictionary every two minutes. And this is definitely the right time for the retelling of a great story through the eyes of a female lead. This is the time for men to back down and start to appreciate the talent of some of the ladies out there.

Are you Hamlet?

No, I am Laertes, who is bit of a sweetheart. He’s Ophelia’s brother and he doesn’t want his sister [played by Daisy Ridley] getting into too much trouble.

Who from the Potter cast are you most in touch with?

I’ve seen quite a lot of Emma [Watson, who played Hermione] recently so it would probably be her.

Rumour says you’re an item. Any kissing?

No. Or rather, no comment.

You’ve taught Emma to play the guitar and to skateboard. What next?

I’m slowly working through every category! She teaches me just as much so it’s a pretty equal contribution. We’re both very passionate people about different things and we’re always trading war stories and whatnot.

If there’s a movie of, say, Harry Potter And The Cursed Child, would you return as Draco?

Of course I would! I miss the guy. He’s great. He’s so much fun to play so I’d jump at the chance of revisiting him. And I’m definitely hoping I get to play older Draco as the years go on. I have a good feeling.

What are you up to next?

I’ve just finished a film in Vancouver for Netflix called A Babysitter’s Guide To Monster Hunting. I get to play the monster. It was a lot of prosthetics and make-up and wigs, and oh my God, it was so much fun! And now I’m about to go and do a World War II film that I’m really passionate about and I’m also looking after this sodding one-year-old Labrador who is slowly eating everything in my house. She’s called Willow and she’s my heart and soul.

Tom Felton takes a role in the Dutch film “Battle of the Scheldt”

Tom Felton will play a role in the new Dutch war film “Battle of the Scheldt” (Slag om de Schelde). Producer Levitate Film confirms this to .

Battle of the Scheldt is co-produced by Netflix, making production the first Dutch Netflix film. The film revolves around the military operation Battle of the Scheldt and will be shown in November 2020, 75 years after the liberation of the Netherlands.

The story is set in 1944 and is about the military operation in the north of Belgium and the southwest of the Netherlands. It was the largest operation on Dutch territory during the Second World War.

The second part of the recording of the epic war film starts this week. The first part of the recording took place in Lithuania where the Zeeland Sloedam was reconstructed. For the second turning block, cast and crew will settle in Zeeland and Belgium, where grand scenes are shot with hundreds of extras.

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