Tom Felton Welcomes You In To New Photo From NYLON Magazine

Tom Felton Welcomes You In To New Photo From NYLON Magazine

Thanks to Nylon Magazine for this new photo of Tom from their Young Hollywood London collection.  Tom was recently featured with his “Harry Potter” co-stars Rupert Grint and Bonnie Wright in their latest print edition of the magazine. You can see a few more new pics of all of London’s up and coming stars here at the source.

Tom Felton welcomes you in.

New Photo of Tom Felton in the recording studio

New Photo of Tom Felton in the recording studio

Remember last week when Tom tweeted a photo of his new place to hang out and record music? Just today he gave us another one, this time via his latest Twitter avatar.


The Not Pink Studio: “I’m going for hardcore goth thrash metal this year! It’s a really soothing sound x”

Check out this past interview Tom gave exclusively to to learn exactly what Tom’s history with pink recording studios is, and why he’ll never live it down. 😉

What’s old is new again: Tom Felton photo used as promo for new NAME Magazine

What's old is new again: Tom Felton photo used as promo for new NAME Magazine

Remember all those Kai Z. Feng photos Tom posed for in 2009? Seems Kai has decided to start his own magazine, and Tom is featured in one of the promo’s released in anticipation of the big event.

According to F.Tape:

NAME Magazine will feature talent from all backgrounds of the creative industry with chic pictorials exposing new and established musicians and actors, as well as contributions from the main forces behind the industry.

Launching as an online title, NAME will constantly be updated keeping readers guessing with every new article.  The focus is to involve readers as much as possible in the blog functionality of the magazine, making it an approachable publication inspiring creative talent to get involved and share their opinions wherever they are in the world.

Right now only photos from Kai’s “archives” are being used for promotional purposes. Could a new, previously unreleased photo of Tom be possible when the magazine sees the light of day?

You can check out Kai Z. Feng’s photography at the links below, or his photos of Tom here in our galleries. My favorite is this one. Which is yours?


Tom Felton Loves his Bank.

Tom Felton Loves his Bank.

Thanks to RobinHoodTax we now have a few more photos of Tom, Noel Clarke and Joe Dempsie from the Robin Hood Tax Campaign Launch from last week.

You can see even more new photos from this event here in our galleries.

If you live in the UK, don’t forget to vote on 6 May for whichever MP’s support the Robin Hood Tax. Don’t know where or how? Is it your first time voting? Check out this handy guide on how to find your constituency before heading over here for information on how to register.

More information on the Robin Hood Tax:

Smile Tom Felton, you’re at the airport!

Smile Tom Felton, you're at the airport!

New pictures of Tom with some fans at the airport in Berlin are now online. We also have a short video of Tom signing autographs while carrying his trusty guitar strapped to his back. We hope he’s thinking up some new tunes while he goes down that line. 😉

You can see more new photos of Tom in Berlin here in our galleries.

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