Video of Tom Felton with Ben Lyons of E! Online

While Tom was on vacation in Las Vegas last week, he had the opportunity to join in on the premiere of Get Him to the Greek, a film starring Jonah Hill and Russell Brand. Tom had a small cameo in the film that he discussed over blackjack with Ben Lyons of E! Online.

In the interview, Tom discussed doing the scariness of improvisation, how he would like to continue doing comedy after finishing with Potter, and the “wittier than most” Harry Potter jokes he had thrown at him by Jonah Hill.

Thanks to Melissamoo for the find!

Tom Felton’s “The Apparition” Gets 2011 Release Date

Warner Brothers has announced release dates for the 2011 season, and Tom’s recently shot thriller “The Apparition” directed by Todd Lincoln will be reaching theatres in the US on September 9th of that year.

Besides sporting brown locks for the film, Tom has recently stated he was given eyeglasses in order to transform himself into college student “Patrick”, the super-natural expert of the cast.

Filmmakers originally hoped for a fall 2010, early 2011 theatrical release. It will be released directly between expected heavy box office hitters “Final Destination 5” and “The Contagion,” directly in time for the Halloween season.


A Slytherin’s Guide to Voting for Tom Felton in the MTV Movie Awards

Welcome to the Slytherin’s Guide to Voting! Below are instructions on how to vote for Tom as Best Villain in the 2010 MTV Movie Awards. Tom has sworn with the almighty power of the pinky-swear to make a personal video for his fans as thanks if we get him on the stage June 6th to accept his own MTV Popcorn Man.

Already know how to vote? Well, what are you waiting for? Go and VOTE! The rest of you, read on.


As all of you are aware, it was officially announced yesterday that Tom is up for the Best Villain award in the 2010 MTV Movie Awards to be aired LIVE on June 6th at 9/8 CST.  What you may not know is how to go about casting your vote.

Step One: Create an account (if you don’t already have one) at the American MTV website.  In some countries such as Australia or Germany, they will ask if you truly mean to go to that version of the MTV website and not your own. Say YES.

Step Two: Account all created? Go to the 2010 MTV Movie Awards Voting page and start casting your vote.  Click on –

… and scroll down to Tom.

Step Three: Click on the VOTE button directly next to him as seen in the screen cap below. Take a moment to watch the clip, too.

After you place your vote, you will see this.

Step Four: Click on  Next Category, or directly on any of the un-checked category names. Don’t forget to vote for TomsFriendDan (Daniel Radcliffe) in the Global Superstar and Best Male Performance categories, Emma Watson for Best Female Performance, and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince for Best Movie.

Each time you place a vote, a check mark will appear next to the category until you’ve exhausted your check marks and the page looks like this:


Step Five: Repeat Steps 2-4 daily.

Now, this is when things can get tricky. An honest Puck would stop here and never vote again, but nowhere does it say fans are only limited to one vote per day. 😉

If you are at all squeamish about breaking out your inner-Slytherin, than please skip to the very end. We all thank you so much for voting! Every little bit helps, but if we get Tom to the stage on awards day, Tom “pinky-swears” that he’ll give us all a great big thank you video for all the help.

Now, for you Slytherins:

Step Six: Open a different browser:  Internet Explorer, Firefox, Sarari, Google Chrome, AOL, or any others you have downloaded. Don’t know how to download additional browsers? Google it, or email me and I’ll walk you through it.

Step Seven: Repeat Steps 2- 5 until all your boxes are checked. Do this for every browser you have.

Step Eight: Have more than one email account? Clear your cookies, browsing history, and cache on each browser and return to Step One.

Through continued experimentation, some of us have discovered that clearing cookies, browsing history and cache works and allows you to have all unchecked boxes again.  For others of us, it does not. It may depend on what country you are in, what browser you are using, and how much time you have allowed between clicks. However, we do know that you can vote daily from every browser you have, as long as you are logged in.

And for you squeamish lot that are more Gryffindor than Slytherin, break out your inner, loyal Hufflepuff and vote for Tom as much as you can. This Ravenclaw has searched high and low for rules on voting, and there are none. As long as that VOTE button appears, click it. It’s imperative. It would be a horrible, horrible thing if Christoph Waltz’s mantelpiece broke. We’d be saving him the heart break. Really.


Tom Felton Loves his Bank.

Thanks to RobinHoodTax we now have a few more photos of Tom, Noel Clarke and Joe Dempsie from the Robin Hood Tax Campaign Launch from last week.

You can see even more new photos from this event here in our galleries.

If you live in the UK, don’t forget to vote on 6 May for whichever MP’s support the Robin Hood Tax. Don’t know where or how? Is it your first time voting? Check out this handy guide on how to find your constituency before heading over here for information on how to register.

More information on the Robin Hood Tax: