165 thoughts on ““Silhouettes in Sunsets” Video

        • I Agree. Okayy You May Not Like Him Playing The Guitar But You Dont Have To Bee So Meaan About It Helnea,
          I Personally Think He Is A GREAT Guitar Player, Singer, Actor. I LOVE His Other Video’s Aswell. I Cant Play The Guitar But I Wish I Could. ANND He Doesnt Stink!

          • okay the next person who says they do NOT like tom felton(in gneral)is getting beat up!!! I LOVE HIM!!!!!!! hes the best actor singer and guitar player <3 Helnea, he DOES NOT STINK!!!!!!

      • I don’t know him, I and don’t think that I ever will, so I have no idea who are you and why you dislike him so much, but, no matter what kind of person he is, he sings and plays very good. Personaly, I’d rather see him with electric guitar, but, oh well…
        Anyway, what you said is just rude…

        • if u don’t know anything about tom, come to me, i have all the details about him. and i am a gr8 fan of him like you. i assume that u admire him, by the comment of yours. i also say that i admire him

  1. ouch!!!
    i thought your going to sing and it hurts me alot
    but it’s okay cause i already watched your other videos.It’s pretty cool you really know how to strum
    strum always for your fans here:)

  2. This is such a calming song. While I was listening to it, some lyrics formed in my head. Its just such a WOW song. I love it <3

  3. I love him! I think hes amazing at playing the guitar and singing, and hes a great at acting too. Hes very cute, I absolutly adore his smile! =)

  4. Nice! I don’t know why, but right now I’m thinking how it would be great to see ecranisation of “Soul music” by Terry Pratchett, with you as Imp y Celyn(later Buddy).
    That would be awesome!

  5. When I listened to this for the first time it brought tears to my eyes…you are amazing, I know you probably never read this and you have your own life, I know, but I was thinking about become an actress and I was wondering if you could give me some tips some time…Love ya…Oh and your girlfriend Jade, (We have the same name,lol) she is so pretty you guys are so beautiful together… You guys rock!~ BYE!

  6. TOM FELTON IS JUST AMAZING. Fork. How can someone be a amazing actor, amazing singer and frigging SEXY. Man, I’m jealous. I love you Tom Felton. I hope I get the honour to meet you one day! iiLoveYhoo x <3

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