“Time Isn’t Healing” Video

This song is now available for purchase on iTunes!

Note that these lyrics are for the video only. The iTunes song has slightly different lyrics.

“Time Isn’t Healing” Lyrics

Tick tock goes the clock.
Time is going so slow.
I know I’m supposed to be fast asleep,
a couple hours ago.
So I – I need to exercise
the right I’ve got to rest these eyes.
And I – I need to knock on some doors,
Then I wont have to lie here by myself anymore.

‘Cause time isn’t healing…
I’m getting sick of staring at my ceiling.
And I – I can’t help the way I feel about you.

‘Cause time isn’t healing…
Pretty sick of staring at my ceiling.
And I – I can’t help the way I’ve fallen for you.

I have a run to try and send me to sleep,
but things aren’t all that they seem.
The only time I seem to spend with you
Is all in my dreams.

So I – I need to let her go.
Would it have worked? I guess I’ll never know.
And I – I need to hit the road,
And find me a girl of my own.

‘Cause time isn’t healing…
I’m getting sick of staring at my ceiling.
And I – I cant help the way I feel about you.

‘Cause time isn’t healing…
Pretty sick of staring at my ceiling.
And I – I can’t help the way I feel about you.

And I – I can’t help the way I feel about you…
And I – I can’t help the way I’ve fallen for you…

194 thoughts on ““Time Isn’t Healing” Video

  1. To be honest, I came across your website by accident. Just saw new HP movie and of course you are very good in it. Didn’t know you did music but am really impressed. I think I’ll be looking out for more from you in the future…

    on another quick note, after reading some of your posts….I had no idea that people get so obsessed!! That must be so creepy!

    Anyhow, good luck with your music. You do have a gift!!

    🙂 natasha

    • what are you on no one gets obsessed with him we just like him and others may love i mean come on and get a grip u r proberly obsessed with a famous person i mean its not a bad thing but if you are obsessed with someone you cant help the way you feel about them, right>

    • likewise
      I just saw the new hp movie and started to wonder how the crew was doing. I came across th Tom and am also impressed that he does music..I like how his voice sounds so soft; it’s real nice to listen to.

      I expect people would be obsessed with someone as talented as Tom! 🙂 but of course, it’s always a nice thing if we calm down a little over him once in a while.

      Yes, keep up the good work, Tom! Best of wishes!

  2. dammn.
    Truth be told; he is amazing.
    he can play guitar pretty great,
    and his looks don’t hurt him either.
    i cant help but love him.
    oui, oui, i am infected with obessive tom felton disease.
    i really love his voice, i can’t believe this guy, the guy who played Draco Malfoy can sing !
    i cant help but fall for you , tom felton.
    much love.
    forever and forever.
    major major fan.

  3. hmm… never would have guest that you can sing. i am impressed!! i love to sing as well and have been told i have the vioce of an angel.. we should get together and sing sometime.. lol

  4. Hey,
    Hows it going????
    I love your songs there really good. I play guitar to but I ain’t that good im still learning. My dad is the real guitarist, he plays at wedding and debs so I just follow on from him. We sing together to and he likes your music aswell. Hope we here more music from you.

    Well seya.

  5. Don’t you people know that he is just another normal person like us. I know he is cute dan very hansom an dall that too. Because i ma going into 6th grade and I am in love with him.

    But I think of Tom as one of us. And that’s what you all should think about him.

    That was for you Thomas Andrew Felton.

  6. I almost cryed. I felt the pain in my heart…

    When I was young and hurt, I wrote some very beautiful poems.
    While I was listening to that song… that song called to my mind the same pain, which made me write some time ago.

    I’m sorry…

  7. When I heard Tom sing the first time, I had to laugh. Because I had imagined Draco sings. But when I got introduced to Tom sings it, I not only loved him and his acting but also his music.He has a wonderful voice.I wish he would live in Germany and I was 8 years older,or he was 8 years younger. Then everything would be perfect.Its so unfair! 🙂

    Sarah from Germany ♥

  8. Brilliant!I really like it!
    some of my friends love Tom’s songs as well
    To be honest I know this song on the “youku”
    Queer from China

  9. Dear Tom,

    I liked your song and I liked the manner of singing. What I like is – you are looking here not so brave as during all those interviews when you are constantly cheerful and speak lowdly – but a little sad, not-so-self-confident, in a word…And I like it^))) hello from Russia) Keep singing)

  10. haha, I’m not really Tom, but has anyone thought of this before? That’s what’s so funny about comment formats like these.

  11. Lawlz. I will avoid being a fan and simply say your guitar playing is better than good. If I would’ve heard this song first, then I would’ve made a better judgment. *sigh* Simply how the cookie crumbles. Loving your lyrics though. . .and your voice. . . . .your songs are really growing on me. I’ll probably go on itunes and get some of your songs.

  12. Wow, I always loved your acting in the HP movies but I didn’t know you could sing and play too! That was pretty amazing! Love the song, keep up the great work!

  13. wow! your amazing can’t wait for you in deathly hallows cause your pretty awesome
    keep up the good work!!!
    and i can tell that your going to be more famous for your singing career

  14. so…i realy like this song!
    and i love Tom too)
    a pair i am sorry that i can not see him in my life…maby becourse i live in russia…hm)
    but I wont to say thanks to him:

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