Tom Felton visited Sweaty Betty PR and chaos broke out

Tom and his girlfriend Jade visited the office of Sweaty Betty PR last Wednesday and Jess, a member of the team, wrote a little summary of the visit.

All mayhem broke out in the office yesterday when Tom Felton aka Draco Malfoy visited us with his bewitching – mind the pun – girlfriend. Felton who came to Sydney to hang out with us… and to tour The Australian Supernova Comic Convention dropped by for some wizarding fun. From the minute he stepped into our office we were all spellbound. I who came dressed in my Gryfindor best – cape included – was definitely the creepy fan lurking behind rails of clothes whilst Tash – hardcore Harry Potter nerd – was in a permanent state of asphyxiation. Judging by our uncontrollable infatuation, Felton must have thought we had raided Professor Slughorn’s potions and downed all the bottles of Amortentia… When he finally came face to face with the Betties he was shocked stating “Its like they all came crawling out of the woodworks.” I tell you it was not a pretty sight! But after some laughs, some arm hugging action, some awkward stalkerish behavior and some incessant giddy, giggling girlishness; us Betties finally got what we all wanted – photos and autographs! To say we worked Felton hard would be an understatement. Maz pretty much put him through the hoops tending to our obsessive needs by organising autographed posters for the office and multiple snaps. Luckily Felton is way more charming and attentive than Malfoy!

Jess Xx

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