Tom Felton’s Home Party “19 Years Later” on Veeps

Are you ready to ROCK, Felton Fans?!

Tom Felton is holding his first Home Party through Veeps next Saturday!

Join Tom, Willow, and some special guests for songs, laughter, and fun on
14th November 2020, 12pm PT!

Tickets are available – h e r e – on the Veeps website !

The Danger Gang – The New Audiobook from Tom Fletcher Read By Tom Felton

Tom Fletcher shared great news last week :

WARNING: major news! We all know that Tom Felton and I can’t be in the same room as each other without the risk of the universe imploding BUT we can be on the same audiobook, which is why I am dangerously delighted to share the news that my fellow TF, the multi-talented, ever so handsome, wand waving, movie making, and downright lovely chap, TOM FELTON will be narrating the audiobook edition for my brand new book THE DANGER GANG (out October 1st). Here’s a sneak peak. Link in my story where you can pre-order.


PRE-ORDER HERE – The book will be released on October 1, 2020 – : 

Penguin Books – Audio Book – Download / Audio CD – Audio Book – Download Audible / Audio CD

James & Oliver Phelps’ Double Trouble podcast with Tom Felton

James and Oliver Phelps (Fred & George Weasley) publish a video podcast with interesting guests every week on YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, and where ever you get your podcasts. Three weeks ago they had Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley) as a guest and this week Tom Felton joined their podcast.

As promised – This weeks Double Trouble Podcast we have our old school mate, fellow HP hair dyed club member and good pal Tom Felton . We talk about our time on HP, time on the golf course and a lot of ther stuff. Hope you enjoy it. Who said that Weasleys and Malfoys can’t get along!? OUT NOW
source: James Phelps