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Here is a list of songs released by Tom Felton so far:

  • “Fairies & Feathers” (2020)
        – Lyrics
  • “Everlast” (2019)
        – Lyrics
  • “YooHoo” (2019)
        – Lyrics

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  1. I love him and I am 14.I found a boy who called Craco is handsome in the .Then I became to love Tom.How nice the boy !

  2. I Love his voiceand I Love him!!!! I can tell ya that right now he is my crush… but unfortunetly he is with Jade Olivia… UGH!!!!!!!! I hate her!!!!(I´m serious!!!!) he is the best!!!!

          • yeah but he makes her happy if you are a true fan you won’t hate!!!! I am a fan a huge fan but I don’t hate Jade because she makes him happy

        • Hey if he makes her happy then I’m completely fine. Yes I do want to be his gf and all and I want him to be mine but if he loves her then thats what it is. I mean honestly i think him and Emma Watson would make a better couple but I mean Jade Olivia is REALLY pretty and seems REALLY nice and if she wasn’t then why would Tom be dating her? 🙂 that’s just my opinion and if you ppl can’t take it then why do you like him and his opinion!

          • @Tomfeltonismine, absolutely agree with you! I would love for him to date me, but haha, Jade makes him happy, and it’s obvious they care about each other, and I don’t think people should be saying they hate Jade, just because she is dating Tom, like you said, it’s his opinion, and if they really like/love :3 him, then they would respect his opinion. 😀

          • Yah. i mean honestly. It’s super fun to day dream but what are the chances that any of us will be with him?

  3. “Father of Mine” really hit a cord with me. My parents are divorced and i didn’t see my dad for a few years afterward. it was beyond his control though. I cried when i first heard it and every time since.

  4. I love the music and wanted to buy”Time well spent” on itunes but it isnt there! so has it been removed because the new stuff is out! i like the acoustic versions more than the edited ones too, so is there anywhere to access them??

  5. Even though everyone I know thinks that he isn’t a very good singer, I think he is fantastic. They don’t like him because his voice is so different. I love his songs… Even though one of them is about his guitar(: I love him!

  6. Hello, Tom! I’surprised how great you played Draco. You are with him are at your picture out of the picture of the role and the role of Draco and I see two different peoples. This is so cool! You are so talanted! You loved in Russia. I’d like you to visited out country. Your songs take me to the soul. Especially ” Fаthеr of mаnе”. Just as long as it’s the only song whose meaniny I understand. With English, I just really bad. I already write to you with an intepreter. Good luck in your future project will dedicate. Smile more often. You have a very beautiful smile.

  7. OMG!!!!! I love him and I’m 13!!!! I wish he wasn’t so old. I’m going to Europe next summer and all I want is to meet him while he’s crossing the street or something. TOM!!! YOU’RE AMAZING!!!!!!

  8. I really hope you read these, Tom. You have to come to COLORADO!!!!! That way I can finally meet you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Oh my goodness!
    He is a legend of voice!!!
    I love his voice and I love him in the movie also!!!
    He is just FANTASTIC!!!

  10. “Father of Mine” really hit me hard. My parents haven’t been divorced, but they are on their way. I heard this and I was just busy crying my head off.

  11. Tom Felton, I hope you see this, because:
    Time Well SPent is our favorite song in the WORLD and is our friendship song. Every time we hear it we sing along and we feel all sentimental.
    P.S. We are going to the midnight premiere of HP #7 Part II tonight! 😀
    We <3 you!

  12. I just love Tom Felton!
    The songs I like that he sings are: If that’s alright with you, We belone, All I need and Hawaii!
    <3 !

  13. Okay, so I just found out about Tom’s singing and guitarplaying a few days ago and I don’t even know what to say but… why is it not outthere a little more?… it’s real nice =]

  14. Okay, so I just found out about Tom’s singing and guitarplaying afew days ago. And I think it is freakin gorgeous! and im wondering why it’s not on the web a little more…

  15. Absolutely adore your music.
    It was something that grew on me slowly, but now I find myself listening to you quite often. The lyrics behind your songs really are quite good. Personally, I love you acoustically, more so than with a band and edited. Continue doing what you’re doing.

  16. I wish Tom had an album I wouls soo buy like 20 copies! But I heard he’s signed a record deal so I hope 1 comes out soon.

  17. Honestly I really wish he had an album because he really is a great artist, and if his music really got out there than he could become a great musician. I just hope he gets the encouragement he needs to this. Plus you know, he’s not bad to look at 😉 Just wish he was single. I would be getting my butt to england in a heart beat 🙂

  18. PSH. Forget Bieber. He’s the one and only (:
    My friend said he’s accent’s strong when he sings. Hmm.. He may have a strong accent.. But it one HOT STRONG accent. I’ve gotten use to the fact that boys have other girls who they are well accquainted with unlike me. *sigh* Dissapointing yes, but needs to be handled with maturity :/

  19. EH.
    If he has a CD out and about somewhere in Borneo like hell i would buy it ! OMR i just love him and his voice so much ! I wish he could do a concert here. That would be so cool. I’m jelly of Olivia. He’s funny,kind and handsome. And plus he’s blonde (not to be haircist or anything) and he has beautiful grey eyes. Total plus marks. I would love to have his eyes. 🙂 and him. But he’s taken *sadly* aw hell =.=

  20. my new fav song in the world is If That’s All Right With You. and want to buy it!! but u don’t sell it!
    I love ur songs.
    Harry potter helped me keep going when I bought the HPDH2 tics for me and my friends at midnight but the I got really sick. like really sick no one knew what was wrong for 2 weeks. I’m better now but I lost llbs. and I was already skiny. but when I was sick all I did was watch hp

  21. I love you Tom Felton, your songs always cheer me up when im down i love harry potter and the half blood prince. its my fav hp cause it has you the most. whenever i see u in a movie i always feel good. i wish someday i can meet you. I miss ur nice blond hair in hp!

    love alyssa delfino

  22. actually, i’m glad and pissed that he’s not more famous than he already is. if he’s really really famous (Which wouldn’t at all be a shock) it’ll just ruin him. I mean look at Miley Cyrus and Lindsey Lohan. They’re pretty messed up! I just wish more people liked him. Everyone says he’s ugly and pale. PALE LOOKS PERFECT ON HIM!!!!!! i can’t picture him as Ron or Harry… and DEFIANTLY not Neville.

  23. These songs are the only thing that can keep me from going insane from all the stress in my life. Tom, I don’t know how you do it; you’re hilarious, you act, you sing, and you have the British accent. The complete package! 😀

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